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DARIEN, CT —The Darien High School auditorium has not experienced a major upgrade since the building was built. But that could soon change with a $1.26 million investment.
In the capital facilities budget for fiscal year 2024, there is a recommendation for a technology upgrade to the auditorium.
On Thursday, the Darien Board of Education Facilities Committee will hold a special meeting to discuss and review the capital request.
Director of Facilities in the district Kevin Munrett and Music Director Colleen Thompson said in a letter to Superintendent of Darien Public Schools Dr. Alan Addley on Jan. 11 that the equipment that’s currently being used is “antiquated, partially inoperable and in need of replacement.”
Munrett and Thompson said the proposed technology upgrade project “would accomplish much to bring the space up to current practical standards for performance.”
The project is broken down into different sections:
There are also plans to upgrade lighting.
According to a project overview from auditorium director Jeff DeMaio, goals of the upgrade project would be to:
The project was drafted in conjunction with Thompson, DeMaio and Paul Merchant from C.E.S. and Workspace, CT, who is a professional theater designer and video/audio engineer.
DeMaio said in the project summary there must be collaboration between the music department, theater program and other stakeholders to determine the proper prioritization for the proposed investments.
The project could be completed in a single effort, or upgrades could be implemented over a period of years.
“Splitting scope up over a longer period of time may however impact or ability to achieve the best possible pricing,” DeMaio noted.
Thursday’s special meeting between the Board of Education Facilities Committee begins at 9 a.m., in the DPS Administrative Offices.
The meeting can also be accessed via Zoom or on YouTube.

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