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Nintendo has played host to a number of overlooked action-packed titles over the years, especially on the Nintendo Switch.
Nintendo's Splatoon 3 was released on September 9th of 2022, and hundreds of new inklings have joined the multiplayer servers to get in on the inky action. While the company might be known for its kid-friendly aesthetic, Nintendo has played host to many hard-hitting action-packed titles over the years, especially on the Nintendo Switch.
Although most fans are quick to think of titles like Splatoon, Super Smash Bros., and the Metroid series, there are plenty of other entertaining titles that pack quite a punch lurking around the eShop. They might not be at the top of everyone's wish list, but they definitely should be.
Wayforward is a studio that truly knows how to craft brilliant arcade games, and Spidersaurs is no exception. Consider this game a brilliant hybrid of Contra and Zombies Ate My Neighbors, containing the run-and-gun action of the first title and the ridiculous nature of the latter.
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While the game's difficulty might match something out of the "Nintendo-Hard" era, the aesthetic and premise are something out of a Saturday morning cartoon. Basically, players must defend the world against dinosaur-bug hybrids and blast their way through them to do so. If gamers are looking for a throwback with a silly side, this certainly fits the bill.
The Soulslike games have a somewhat-toxic reputation thanks to the "git-gud" nature of the beasts. However, Ashen is no such creature. Its simplistic approach and focus on progression and improvement are much more palatable to those who are tired of getting slammed by massive bosses over and over again.
Instead of having the "prepare to die" attitude, the game takes a more simplistic approach to the genre and even gives the player a helping hand by giving them an A.I. companion. It's hard, but not as punishing as its inspiration. Plus, the clear progression techniques serve as a friendlier incentive to keep going.
If Gauntlet and Zombies Ate My Neighbors were thrown in a blender, the result would be this incredible 16-bit gem. This arcadey dungeon-crawler is addictively fun, and its loop of raiding and looting is one any '90s gamer can instantly recognize from the days of the SNES.
Players have their choice of three heroes and can either play the arcade mode, where they fight enemies and rescue villagers, or the Gauntlet-like infinite mode where players must explore procedurally-made dungeons and survive as long as they can. A near-perfect blend of the traditional and contemporary, it's quite an underrated fantasy adventure.
Long-time Switch-owners will know that the Nintendo eShop is a gold mine of Metroidvanias. However, that can be something of a double-edged sword when there is simply far too much to choose from. While games like Hollow Knight and Dead Cells are incredible, they leave many games in their shadows.
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Souldiers is the SNES fantasy Metroidvania fans never had, and it's absolutely stunning. It's a mix of different RPG and fantasy tropes that all come together to create one cohesive adventure. Players venture into a sprawling fantasy realm as one of three classes and explore various environments to defeat 16-bit monsters. The potential is there to give even a game like Hollow Knight some competition.
Along with Metroidvanias, the Switch is also home to a wealth of side-scrolling beat-em-ups in its extensive library of games. From the coin-munching arcade titles like Streets of Rage to more contemporary classics like Scott Pilgrim, there's an action-packed brawler for any occasion. However, there's one stand-out that truly does attempt to modernize the medium.
The Takeover is a traditional beat-em-up by all accounts, but it utilizes modern graphics and imagery instead of the traditional 16-bit fare most gamers are familiar with. It's an adjustment, but that's not to say that it isn't a novel concept. Like many overlooked action games, it's the blend of familiarity and new that makes it worth playing.
Of course, there's nothing wrong with sticking to the more traditional affair when it comes to beat-em-ups, and Fight N' Rage more than fits that description. At its core, it's a vintage game made with modern techniques and capabilities. It's a game for fans of the genre made by fans of the genre.
From the design, characters, and set pieces, there are several winks and nods to other entries in the genre, as well as new additions like branching pathways and modern effects. If players are familiar with games like Streets of Rage or Final Fight, they will adore this Capcom-esque title.
While both Soulslikes and Metroidvanias litter the eShop, Blasphemous feels like a game that caters more to the "vania" portion of the Metroidvania genre, but carries all the gruesome nature of something like Dark Souls or Bloodborne. It's a graphic and gory hack-and-slash platformer with monstrous bosses and violent combat.
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Players take up the sword of The Penitent One, and slice and dice their way through a plague-ridden world inspired by medieval religious iconography and artwork. It's gory, it's nightmarish, and it's one of the most difficult action games in the genre, but it's a criminally underrated title in multiple fields.
There are quite a few mobile games on Switch, but there's truly something to be said for Implosion. The game is a criminally underrated and overlooked hack-and-slash adventure with mech suits, mutants, zombies, and more in a sci-fi wasteland. The graphics might be a little dodgy at times, but the combat is fun nevertheless.
Not all action games have to be overly complicated, and sometimes mashing buttons to beat back a horde of monsters can be a satisfying experience. What it lacks in modern presentation and mechanics, it more than makes up for in replay value.
Raji could be considered by some to be a God of War clone with influences from Hindu mythology. As the titular Raji, players are armed with an enchanted spear and bow to take on the forces of a dark, deadly, and dangerous demon after he kidnaps her little brother.
Relying on combos of light, heavy, and magical attacks, Raji is able to wipe out gangs of monsters the way characters like Kratos or Dante might on a PlayStation title. It's a unique approach to a familiar and frequently enjoyed genre that can at times be lacking on the system. It's certainly fit to scratch that monster-slaying itch.
Kingdoms of Amalur needs a bigger fanbase than it has, simply because it's a near-perfect amalgamation of ARPG elements that resulted in one of the most incredible fantasy adventures on any system. With lore by R.A. Salvatore, artwork by Todd McFarlane, and a fully voiced cast of characters, it's truly strange as to why it didn't work.
It has hack-and-slash-focused action, a massive fantasy world, and a class system that allows players to change vocations and playstyles on the fly. It might not be as iconic or famous as something like Skyrim, but it makes all the right moves to easily become a phenomenal cult classic.
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