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Updated for modern hardware, these 10 action video games got a second chance at life when they were remastered.
With remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Splinter Cell on the horizon, it's clear the future of gaming is in the past. Some of the best games of all time have made their way onto modern consoles through remasters, and the action genre is a particularly popular source of great material.
From massive overhauls like in Skyrimto graphical tweaks like in Tomb Raider, remasters of games can open them up to an entirely new generation of fans. Though plenty of action games have been touched up over the years, only the very best actually improved on the original experience.
Instead of simply remaking a game and shipping it out as is, some developers opt to give players added value by bundling things together. Borderlands: The Handsome Collection brought together Borderlands 2 and the Pre-Sequel in one package, and utilized modern technology to improve the experience.
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The overwhelming popularity of Borderlands 2 made it the prime candidate for a facelift, and The Handsome Collection focused exclusively on cosmetic upgrades. Not only did the newer versions look better, but they had faster graphical capability which made them more accessible to modern gamers.
Just five years after its initial release, Skyrim had already taken its place among the best video games of all time, but a console generation change was threatening to leave it behind. The Special Edition release came along in 2016 which helped to extend the popularity of the title for years to come.
Along with a total graphical overhaul, the console version was also updated to support mods which brought the experience closer to that of the PC version. While the content and story remained unchanged, the refresh allowed players to rediscover the game, and it is still popular to this day because of its update.
The Modern Warfare offshoot of the Call of Duty franchise was a revelation for FPS gamers, and it was nostalgia for the past that drove the remaster of the first game. Modern Warfare Remastered's main aim was modernization, and the developers knew that very little change was actually needed to enhance the playing experience.
The campaign modes were visually updated but untouched, and the only significant changes came within the multiplayer modes which added perks like trophies and achievements which weren't available at the time of the original game's release. Modern Warfare was already one of the best Call of Duty games, and the remaster did nothing to tarnish its reputation.
Though the older games were itching for an upgrade, Halo: The Master Chief Collection was as much a celebration as it was a remaster. The compilation featured a handful of games from across the franchise, including Halo 2 and Halo: Reach, which were given graphical overhauls.
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For its anniversary, Halo 2 was given the most attention and not only featured an updated look, but updated sound as well. Unlike other remasters which were all or nothing, The Master Chief Collection allowed players to access its games with the updated graphics as well as the original look from the past.
Naughty Dog wasn't satisfied with simply slapping a new coat of paint on their older Uncharted games and calling it a day, and The Nathan Drake Collection was a massive overhaul. Featuring the first three games in the series, the collection not only improved the look of the games, but also tinkered with the mechanics as well.
As the series progressed, shooting and grenade mechanics were improved, and the collection applied the modern gameplay to the older titles. Unfortunately for die-hard fans of the series, the collection offered a rather bare-bones approach to the trilogy, and only included the single-player campaign modes and not the wildly popular multiplayer modes.
Usually, a remaster comes several years into a game's lifespan, but Crystal Dynamics had improvements for Tomb Raider only a year after it was first released. The original release was already one of the best Tomb Raider games in the series, and the Definitive Edition helped keep it current on a new generation of consoles.
Ever the perfectionists, Crystal Dynamics focused exclusively on the graphics when working on the second edition of the game. The content wasn't changed, but the Definitive Edition also included additional DLC to entice players to purchase the game again. The best compliment that can be paid to the game and its remaster is that it truly felt like the natural progression of the Tomb Raider series.
Letting gamers know exactly what they were getting just with the title, Final Fantasy VII Remake did what all good remakes should do by doing its own thing without totally copying the original. Though it is set in the same world and features the same characters, the remake only focuses on one third of the original game's story and is part of a planned trilogy of remakes.
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By narrowing its focus to one part of the original story, Remake expands upon the original's ideas and introduces new plot points and storylines. Built brand new from the ground up, the remake isn't a simple graphical overhaul, but an entirely new experience that captures the feel of the original with newer technology.
Designed to be the best way to introduce new players to the franchise, the compilation Mass Effect: Legendary Edition cut out all the fat while also improving on the original games' visuals. Featuring the first three titles in one bundle, Legendary Edition improved the graphics and tweaked the gameplay mechanics as well.
Though it only featured the single player modes, the compilation made all three games accessible from one menu, and generally gave it the feeling of a more cohesive trilogy. Loading times were reduced, and the autosave feature was improved to reduce the frustration factor. Interestingly, the Legendary Edition included most of the games' DLC which is something gamers might have missed the first time around.
Shadow of the Colossus is a rare example of a game that has been remade or remastered for every new generation that has followed its initial release. The 2018 version of the game was a complete overhaul of the graphics, but it maintained the recognizable gameplay elements with little change.
The remake made the already beautiful-looking game even more stunning, and the subtle tweaks to the control scheme made it more intuitive and fun to use. With a game as sainted as Shadow of the Colossus, the developers had to walk a fine line when it came to a remake, but Bluepoint Games more than exceeded expectations.
Though its successor, Dark Souls, has become a massive video game institution, Demon's Souls has always been overshadowed by the popularity of its sequels. The remake from 2020 took advantage of the new and improved graphics capability, but maintained the unforgiving difficulty of the original.
More than a mere graphics upgrade, the game introduced new weapons as well as new ability sets that added depth to the gameplay. "Fractured Mode" allowed players to experience the environments backward, and it gave the title more replay value. Though the remake was just as hard as its predecessor, the new Demon's Souls was much more rewarding.
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