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2013 was a great year for video games and with 2023 around the corner, they will all be becoming a decade old.
HBO Max's live-action adaptation of The Last of Us is set to premiere on Jan. 15, with various trailers for the highly anticipated new series building excitement among gamers who have for years now been playing and enjoying the video that inspired the show.
In fact, The Last of Us debuted back in 2013, which means the TV series is coming to life just in time for the game's 10th anniversary. It was a good year for gaming, as there were many incredible and now iconic titles released in 2013.
Tomb Raider (2013) is the first title in the reboot of the franchise. This game received major acclaim from both fans and critics, and this game completely helped redefine the future of the franchise.
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The game bears strong similarities to the Uncharted games, which isn't surprising given they're already both action games with treasure hunting. The story itself is incredible and players will uncover astounding mysteries of fictional historical figures.
BioShock Infinite is the third major BioShock video game and is one of the best time travel games ever made. The game's story is incredible and takes place in a fictional Steampunk city in the US called Columbia.
This is a first-person shooter game but the main character, Booker, can use far more than that including tonics called Vigors which enable Booker to utilize a special ability like throwing a flaming projectile or conjuring a shield to block bullets.
Injustice was highly appraised on its initial release and was a type of game that DC fans had been longing for years to have. The combat is extremely similar to Mortal Kombat due to having the same game developer, but there are plenty of abilities that fit each superhero and supervillain.
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The story itself is surprisingly very good, and it does a great job of focusing on so many different characters. Many fans do blame this game for beginning the "evil Superman" trope, however, and fans have long since gotten bored with it.
The Last of Us has become one of the most well-known PlayStation games and is one the best story-driven video games of all time. So much so that the game is getting a live-action TV-series on HBO Max starring Pedro Pascal.
The Last of Us is a third-person video game where the player plays Joel who uses various weapons and makeshift items in battle. Stealth is also a large part of the game and helps add to the overall atmosphere of the game.
Saints Row IV is a bit of a bizarre game and is a third-person shooter with a fairly unique story. The playable character is the President of the United States and is basically trying to stop an alien invasion.
The game's premise is ridiculous and goofy, but the game completely embraces it and makes it a fun and memorable experience. Players who have been with the main character since the beginning will find the transition of his role in Saints Row IV the best and the funniest.
Grand Theft Auto V is one of Rockstar's best video games so far and is without a doubt the best Grand Theft Auto game yet. Many fans of the franchise have been eagerly awaiting the release of Grand Theft Auto VI, so it's quite a hard pill to swallow when realizing the game is going to be ten years now.
Regardless, fans have had more fun with this game than any other in the franchise with gamers putting thousands of hours into the online version of the game with some never even touching the main story.
Pokémon X and Pokémon Y have had a mixed reputation. Many players harbor a strong dislike for both the newly added Pokémon of that generation and the perceived easiness of the games . On the other hand, some fans felt they were among the best Pokémon games yet due to the visuals and well-loved Mega Evolution.
Regardless, Pokémon X and Pokémon Y will turn 20 in 2023, which can be difficult to imagine for some fans given that the 3DS era didn't feel that long ago. The game introduced some of the best series in the franchise. Even if there were many weak attributes to the game itself, it helped define many of the later games.
Black Flag has long since been known by fans as one of the best Assassin's Creed games and it seems like the last Assassin's Creed game where the fandom seemed to equally love a game. Black Flag was vibrant and fun with beautiful depictions of the Caribbean Islands and colorful characters like Black Bart, Blackbeard, and Calico Jack.
The game also ties nicely into the narrative of Assassin's Creed by showing Edward with his son Haytham at a theater who had mentioned in Assassin's Creed III that he had once visited a theater with his father as a child.
Wii U video games sadly didn't sell too well due to the console's poor sales, however, the game was thankfully re-released on the Nintendo Switch which reached far more players. The initial release on the Wii U will soon have been ten years, and it's a shame that more fans don't talk about it.
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The game takes the platformer concepts from the early Super Mario games and places them into this one with vibrant colors and settings and 3D visuals. The game is far from challenging, but it is fun and incredibly addicting.
The Legend of Zelda video games are almost always a hit and A Link Between Worlds was one of the best ideas the series has had. The game takes place in the same version of Hyrule as A Link to the Past a few generations later.
There's a common misconception among fans that it's actually a remake or even a reboot. There are many similarities, but the story is ultimately entirely different and there is simply much more to do in A Link Between Worlds. The graphics of the game are gorgeous and the action and settings of the world are next-level. It's easily one of the best Zelda games ever.
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