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It’s characters that make the action!
Some action games don’t require you to know much about the characters you play as. But these 14 games rock because you are invested in the characters as you play them.
You’re going to see a lot of PlatinumGames titles on this list, trust us. We’ll start with one where your character may not be the most talkative, but you’re invested in them and the world they’re in.
In Astral Chain, you play as a member of a special task force trying to protect what remains of the world from a threat that comes from another dimension. You soon discover that you can control these monsters and turn the tide of battle.
Now you must fight for the remaining populace and uncover a conspiracy trying to take advantage of the chaos. An intense action and RPG romp await!
This title is a bit older than many on this list, but if you can find it, you might enjoy it.
In the game, you play as Gene, a drifter who tries to do good and loses an arm. When you awaken from your plight, you are given a new arm via the God Hand. But there’s a catch. Because you now wield the arm, you’ll have to deal with legions of demons coming after it.
The unique action system is part of the game’s fun where you can learn new techniques and string them together in combos to take down foes.
If you want an action game that won’t mind you cutting loose and having a ball blasting things to bits, then get Ultrakill.
In this traumatic future, humankind has gone extinct. So what exists in their place? That would be robots, ones that are powered by blood. But there lies the problem. The surface world is out of blood, so they’re going to the underworld!
You’ll raid the underworld with various weapons to get more blood for yourself. Think fast, shoot everything in sight, and get what you need to survive. Or just do it all because it’s fun. Either option is valid here.
The Ninja Gaiden franchise is known for action regardless of whether it was the 2D or 3D styling. Ninja Gaiden Black redoes the original 3D title and gives it modern enhancements and a quality-of-life boost.
You’ll play Ryu Hyabusa in a mission he was born to complete. The crux of the game is to tie it further into the world of Dead or Alive and show how Ryu came to be in that tournament.
No matter what, you’ll enjoy the game for its fast hard-hitting style. Ryu has many weapons and techniques at his disposal. Use them wisely to wipe out enemies and complete your mission. How good of a ninja will you be?
Vanquish may not be well-known to many, but it was one of the titles that helped put PlatinumGames on the map, thanks to how they handled the action gameplay.
You play Sam Gideon, a special operative with an equally special suit that he must use to defeat a robot horde trying to take over. Use a mix of weapons and martial arts to take them down as they pop up.
Your moveset will change based on the weapons and abilities you’ve attached, so be ready to let loose and take your foes down in spectacular fashion. Everything moves quickly in the game. Think you can keep up?
The beloved Capcom series returned in a big way with Devil May Cry 5, and it delivered the action that it promised.
When a city becomes overrun with demons, a trio of heroes will have to rise to defeat them and send them back to whence they came. You’ll play as Nero, Dante, and the mysterious V throughout the game. Each character has unique styles in combat, so be sure to get a handle on them as you go.
Stunning visuals, a killer soundtrack, and tight controls anchor the game and ensure you will blast as you wipe out demons left and right.
Here’s an action series that turned a lot of heads and was able to get out several titles before it faded away.
The Darksiders Series put you in the role of the horseman of the apocalypse. The first game had you trying to stop the end of the world from happening, and the second had you trying to avenge the brother that had been wronged.
Each game had a different playstyle, thanks to the horseman you played as. Exploring the deep and dark world was also a thrill that many enjoyed. So if you’ve never had a chance to play as War, Death, or the others, now is your time.
The PlatinumGames trip continues with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance! While many of Platinum’s titles are insane, this was the game that pushed it over the top, and it’s now become a classic title and will easily fill up your meme jar.
You’ll play as Raiden, the fan-hated turned fan-favorite character that showcases his cyborg powers in every battle he’s in. Wield the high-frequency blade and chop through foes like they’re cardboard. You can even slow down time to ensure you get a clean cut in.
Be the world’s hero and save the planet from those who want to plunge the world into war for their own benefit.
Here is another series that has had many forms over the years. The God of War Series started with the PS2 games that were brutal action games with an action-focused perspective.
Then, when it had a “reboot” on the PS4, they made it a more personalized action experience and melded it with a deeper story. You’ll play as Kratos throughout the games and wield incredible weapons to fight the gods and monsters of myth and legend.
Earn your title as God of War by ripping them to shreds and making them suffer for the pain they’ve caused you over the years. Even death can’t stop Kratos.
When Insomniac announced they were making Marvel’s Spider-Man, many were curious about how well it would play. To the surprise of many, it became one of the best superhero titles ever.
You play as the Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man as he tries to protect New York from regular and superpowered threats. The thrill of the action comes from the free-flow combat system. You’ll use your webs, martial arts skills, spider-sense, and gadgets to take on foes and leave them lying.
Plus, you’ll have a blast flying through New York and swinging from building to building. With classic villains and twists on Spider-Man lore awaiting you, you have no reason not to play!
Yep, we’re not done with PlatinumGames titles yet! Nier: Automata is easily one of the best games the company has ever created. It’s also the title that saved them from the brink.
In a post-apocalyptic world, humanity has been pushed out by robots. To try and get the planet back, they have built androids that serve them. 2B, 9S, and others are sent to Earth to fight off the robot menace and bring peace back to the land.
But not everything is what it appears. Between the intense action sequences, you’ll learn more about the world and the androids and see that things weren’t what you were told they were. So fight for the future and to learn the truth!
Here’s a game that just had a sequel revealed, and when that announcement came, fans went nuts. Hades is an intense action title where you play as Zagreus, the son of Hades. To escape the underworld once and for all, he’ll have to take on the beings and monsters that dwell in his father’s realm.
The action skyrockets in intensity when you add in the weapons and boons that Zagreus has access to, as they make each run of the game different as you adjust and fine-tune your tactics so you can blast through enemies. Do you think you can make it out of the underworld?
Our final set of titles from PlatinumGames is appropriate because they just released the third game in the franchise and then later announced a spinoff title!
The Bayonetta Series is arguably one of the best action franchises out there. The games are chock-full of action setpieces scattered throughout wonderful levels that are tied to an insane story.
You play predominantly as Bayonetta, an Umbra Witch who is in charge of keeping the world safe from the supernatural threats that sometimes plague it. Whether it be the Angels from above, the Demons from below, or something made by mankind, she’ll use her foot pistols, demon summons, and other weapons to put them down.
The Batman Arkham Series is easily one of the best superhero sagas ever, and a big part of that was due to the action.
Rocksteady made sure you could feel like the Caped Crusader as you fought villains, thugs, and monsters. The free-flow combat was an inspiration for many titles that came afterward, including the game with Spider-Man we mentioned earlier.
Plus, the stealth gameplay was just as impactful and fun. So whether you were sneaking around the level picking off goons one by one or having a battle with someone like Bane or Killer Croc, you were always having an action-packed time.
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