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There are a lot of reasons to like open-world games, but one of the biggest ones is that you have a lot to do in them, including fighting a whole bunch of enemies! So we’ll show you a few games that might scratch that itch for you.
Let’s start off on an action-packed note, ok? Because the Just Cause series as a whole is very much known as an insane over-the-top action title that really doesn’t care about the rules and just lets you do things because you can.
Case in point, in Just Cause 4 you’ll have multiple ways to get around the massive map, including by flying and a grappling hook, and you’ll get to have fun and blow up just about anything you want as you try and overthrow an evil government group.
Trust us, the story doesn’t really matter here, what matters is that you’ll have a blast literally and figuratively as you play Just Cause 4.
This next one is a bit interesting to put on here because Halo Infinite does have an open-world element to it, but it’s hardly the main thing that people play the game for. Yes, there are plenty of things to do in it, but to some it could be considered a “side thought”. That could mean though if there is another title in the line they could improve it though, and we should always hold out hope for such things.
Even without the open-world element Halo Infinite does have things to offer both new and diehard fans. Including a campaign mode and the multiplayer that is evolving, somewhat at least.
Frankly, if you’re a Halo fan, you know you’re going to get this game, or you already have it.
In Genshin Impact the story of the title is that you are a traveler who has been separated from their sibling. Now you must seek them out in a land unfamiliar to you and you’ll get wrapped up in wars and battles as a result. To help you out though, you’ll get to summon characters to assist you in battle.
And those “characters” are the reason that this game has gotten a LOT of money off of gacha summons. Just saying.
Cyberpunk 2077 likely would’ve been higher on this list had it actually delivered the promises that it made. Sadly, that wasn’t the case, and it’s STILL recovering from the disastrous launch that it made.
But, to be fair, if you have a high-end PC or next-gen console, you might able to enjoy the game at close to its 100% level. Night City does have a lot to offer you in terms of not just quests, but augmenting your character, and thus your playstyle, to be something truly unique.
Plus, when it actually works, the game does look good. Add to that, the first story expansion has just been revealed and it looks promising. So perhaps things are looking up.
Look, we know that we said this would be an “action open-world” list, and Death Stranding Director’s Cut doesn’t exactly fit the mold. But that was honestly kind of the point when Hideo Kojima made it. Which perfectly shows why he’s one of the “mad geniuses” of the video game world.
In the title, you’ll be Sam Bridges, a man whose job it is to deliver packages to other colonies and hopefully help reconnect a world that has been severed in various ways.
You do have to do things in this open-world you explore, and that is something. But whether it’s compelling or not is something you’ll have to determine for yourself.
For those of you who are looking for an open-world experience that you can truly enjoy with friends, then check out 7 Days To Die.
Because if you do, you and your friends might just be joining up with 14 million other people in order to enjoy the vast open-world that the game offers.
In the title, survival is all that matters. You’re put onto a massive map that is filled with wilderness, cities, zombies, other people and players, and you’re expected to survive all of it. Collect the various materials you need to build, craft, and survive, and ensure that you’re never caught off guard by what is out there.
The Far Cry series as a whole were one of the games that really pushed for open-world titles as a genre, as well as trying to create stories that would fill up these lands with content.
Far Cry 6 is a great example of that. Here you’ll go to a nation that is ruled by an evil dictator, and played by one of the best actors of our generation, just saying. You’ll have to stop him from controlling his people any longer, and try to save his son from his corruption as a result.
Team up with a rebellion group and go across his empire in order to take down key points that will cripple his people and his power.
You will find action aplenty in ARK: Survival Evolved, because this title will put you on an island, naked, and then ask you to survive in it. Which obviously isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do when you consider how there are dinosaurs on this island, as well as other players who are trying to survive as well.
You’ll need to get resources so you can make tools, and then slowly work your way up the technological food chain in order to take down enemies, and tame the wildlife.
By “tame” we mean you can control dinosaurs and ride them into battle. Who wouldn’t want to do that?
In honor of the 25th anniversary of the series, let’s talk about the remaster that was done of the original Mafia title that many consider to be the best version of the series as a whole.
You’ll play as a man who goes form innocent bystander one day, to working with the mob the next. Set in the age of Prohibition in Illinois, you’ll have to work your way up the latter in order to get more and be more.
Do whatever it takes to improve the state of the family you now serve, and you might just be the head of it by the time all is said and done.
Looking for something action-packed but a more lowkey in terms of looks? Then Terraria is the game for you.
In it, you’ll be put on a procedurally generated world, and then you’re left to do whatever you want whenever you want. For example, you can take the builder route and construct a home, then a city for you and the friends you make to live in.
Or, you can be an explorer and seek out every aspect of the world both above and below.
Of course, you can also be a fighter and take on any monsters that you find in the world itself. Each new game brings a different open-world so you’ll want to see all that each one has to offer.
Destiny 2 is all the more relevant to play now due to the DLC that is starting to wind down the story elements while still expanding the world of the game.
The key thing here though is that while Destiny 2 has plenty of story content the open-world that it brings also has plenty to do both alone or with friends and allies online. You can go and do raids, you can hunt down enemy parties, you can just go kill things with your new weapons to see how they play and so on.
All the while exploring the beautiful sci-fi areas with the characters that inhabit them.
There’s a new Assassin’s Creed game on the horizon if you didn’t know, and that’s good for fans who have been enjoying the franchise in recent years. But if you don’t want to wait for that one to come out, you can play Assassin’s Creed Valhalla right now.
You’ll play as a Viking whose clan has set foot in the UK long before it was fully settled. Now, you’ll go to war with other clans and partake in massive large-scale battles that have the simple goal of being awesome as you try and conquer or defend what is yours.
Add to that DLC that embraces Norse mythology at points, and you have a game worthy of Odin.
While the new Saints Row title has just come out, if you want to play the best open-world game featuring the Saints you need play Saint Row 4 Re-Elected.
The reason we’re picking this one over the beloved third-title is that this game features a better traversal of the world, as well as providing more action in the map you’re on. Including going and taken down the evil Zyn in a variety of ways.
Plus, you get superpowers in the game, what’s better than that?
Add that to the DLC that comes for free and you’ll see why people have been enjoying this for years.
A title that honestly came out of nowhere and shocked the world with how great it is, Nier: Automata will put you in a world where humanity is almost gone, and robots have taken over.
How is humanity to fight back? They don’t, but they have built androids to go and do things for them. Including fan-favorite Android 2B. The world of Nier: Automata may start out as one that is full of robots to go and kill, but as you peel back the layers of it all, you will see that there is more to the story than what is being told.
The adventure is very much finding the truth and seeing where it takes you.
Now, for a more recent game entry that definitely deserves to be on this list.
Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a powerful title about life and how we live it. Not what you’d fully expect about a JRPG, right?
Make no mistake though, while this is a JRPG, the open-world elements here are strong. Littered throughout the realm of Aionios are monsters that you need to fight, collectibles that you can recover with ease and use them for crafting, trading, selling, mini-quests and more, and of course, finding characters who can give you sidequests to do.
The world is so big that if you just do the story missions? You won’t even come close to seeing all of it. So go and explore to your heart’s content.
Widely praised for its open-world and it feels so full of life and wonder, Ghost of Tsushima puts you in the role of a Samurai on an island that is set to be invaded.
As the islands protector, you must venture forth and defeat those that threaten the peace of the people. But just as important, you’ll need to go and help the people themselves! Each sidequest in the game fleshes out the world as a whole, making it all feel connected and beautiful.
The Director’s Cut of the game is definitely the version you want though as it brings all sorts of special improvements to the original title to make it more grand in presentation and scope.
As we wait ever so PATIENTLY for the sequel to arrive, let’s stop and talk about the original game that set the open-world genre on fire.
Breath of the Wild was a massive departure for the Legend of Zelda franchise. Because they’ve always had game worlds that were vast in their own way, but they were extremely linear. But with this one, that was all gone. There were four main dungeons in the game, but you could do them in any order. There were also hundreds of mini-dungeons that you’d do to get more health over time.
Add that to all the sidequests you can do, key monsters you could fight, and the story that tied it all together, and it’s no wonder that many consider Breath of the Wild one of the best games of the current generation.
The Batman Arkham games are easily one of the most respected leaps in superhero games ever done. Three of the four are highly-revered by fans and critics, and Batman: Arkham City is widely considered the best of the bunch.
The game features Batman locked in a section of Gotham that is now a full-on prison. All of deadliest rogues gallery members are in there, including a dying Joker, an opportunity-seeing Penguin, a vengeful Mr. Freeze, and more.
Fly throughout the prison complex, defeat bad guys who are scattered all over, and figure out the mystery of both the Joker and Protocol 10! Don’t stop now, it’s time to be the Batman!
Most people would likely have put Elden Ring higher on this list because of its current Game of the Year status. But we’re not them, and frankly, while Elden Ring is a great open-world game, it’s also the first true one that came via From Software. They still have some things to work out.
But, they have taken away the linear nature of the Dark Souls games and did spread everything out into a vast world. As well as making various key improvements and adjustments to assure that gamers have the best that they could offer. Such as being able to jump at last and being able to ride a horse throughout the lands!
The challenge difficulty is still there though, so you’ll need to earn every victory.
We’ll fully admit that we’re a bit biased on this one because we just played it recently, but our playthrough did enforce that Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered does deserve to be near the top of our list.
Mainly because the game is just littered with things to do across the title’s version of New York. You’ll swing like Spider-Man as you go from building to building, borough to borough, and from quest to quest. You’ll have main missions obviously, but there are sidequests you can do as well, plus, all sorts of collectibles and objectives to search the city for!
Not to mention, you’ll have plenty of real-time crimes to stop! You’re going to be a very busy friendly neighborhood Spider-Man.
The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt absolutely deserves to be near the top of this list. Because between it and our No.1 pick, they are the definition in many ways of how to make an open-world, fill it with lots of content, and make it fun throughout.
Geralt of Rivia is back, and that means it’s time to fight both man and monster on his journey. This time though, it’s to save his “daughter” in Ciri, who is in serious danger.
The game’s world is absolutely stunning, to the extent that you’re going to be in awe of all you’ll be able to do in it, and that’s not even including the two massive DLC packs that help take things to another level.
We’ve shown you all sorts of action open-world games, but Skyrim is still the top dog in many aspects. Mainly because the game has so much content that you can enjoy throughout the world that you’ll be spending hours upon hours upon HOURS playing it. Seriously, we’re sure right now there are plenty of people playing Skyrim.
Plus, you know you can play it now because they KEEP RE-RELEASING THE DANG THING! Between the original editions, the remasters, the anniversary edition and so on you can find a way to play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.
And once you start playing the game, you’re going to find it very hard to put it down.
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