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Some of the best action games we can’t wait to play this year.
2022 is shaping up to be a massive year for the video game industry. When several studios ended up having to push back projects due to the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, it seems that most titles ended up being tossed into the 2022 calendar year. If you’re after some new action games to check out this year, then check out our list below. Here we have a collection of games releasing in 2022 that you’ll want to keep tabs on. With that said, make sure to check back often as we’ll continue to update this page with new game releases and details.
Disclaimer Update: Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League, Atomic Heart, Hogwarts Legacy, Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora, Redfall, The Day Before, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chernobyl and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2, Forspoken, and Saints Row was removed as the games are no longer slated for 2022 or failed to keep their place on this list.
Plan 8 is a game we saw unveiled a few years ago. This is a title coming out from Peal Abyss. If you’re not familiar with the studio by name, these are the folks behind Black Desert and the upcoming Crimson Desert title. When this game was first revealed, we got very little information about what actually to expect here. Details are still just as scarce, but the footage looks enticing nonetheless. From what we gather so far, this is an MMO where we’re dealing with exosuits and battling against a robotic invasion. Just how this game premise will entail remains to be seen, just like when we’ll actually get our hands on the game.
The TMNT have honestly had all sorts of video games (both good and bad) over the years, but it’s the beat’em up games that are the most famous ones of the bunch.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection has pretty much all of those beat’em up titles, as well as some others that you might want to check out. In fact there are 13 different TMNT games that’ll send you to the past and fill up with nostalgia, and probably give you a hankering for pizza.
So if you’re up for some literal old-school TMNT goodness, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Cowabunga Collection is for you.
There are a ton of roguelikes out there, but Rogue Legacy 2 is one that takes it in a direction where death is certain and advancement is all down to a true knight’s legacy.
You see, in this game you’ll try and ascend a tower, and fight all sorts of monsters as you do. But when you die, you’ll be “avenged” eventually by your heir. The heir will spent the inheritance you left behind (based on how well you did in the tower) and not only expand your manor, but potentially give your offspring a new class they can be. No two classes are the same.
And then they’ll take on the tower until…they die, and their heir’s try and to better than them. So yeah, who’s ready to see what this family can do?
Who doesn’t love the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? You know, aside from the terrible movies Michael Bay put them in, the sometimes questionable animated series (looking at you Rise of the TMNT), and yes, the sometimes terrible video games…
Trust us, the good outweighs the bad.
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge is proof of that. This game is a tribute to the beat’em up titles of the past like Turtles In Time and lets you enjoy co-op with SIX of your friends. So jump back into the earlier days of both gaming and the TMNT for an epic experience.
You are the mysterious person known as “Babyface”, you were a criminal, but got out of the life. But nothing ever stays buried now does it? A mysterious AI drone has come and recruited you for a mission, one that is pure suicide…but you’ll do it anyway.
You’re going to have to fight across an entire city in one night in order to stop a criminal takeover. No problem, right?
But don’t worry, you got the moves and abilities to take them all down. Wield your martial arts mastery and then use melee weapons to help seal the deal. With 41 levels waiting for you, the only question is…how easy are you going to make it look?
On the planet of Fortuna III, there is a lot of treasure that is waiting to be taken, and there are many who go to that planet with the goal of trying to take it all for themselves. The problem is that just because you get to the planet, and the spoils…doesn’t mean you’ll survive long enough to keep it.
The Cycle: Frontier puts you in a very unique survival scenario. The game will have you seek out the treasure, but be on the lookout for both bloodthirsty beasts trying to kill you, and the various other players who are fine with stealing the loot you get.
If you get back to the ship, you’ll be fine, but will you make it that far?
Heaven has been infiltrated by an unexpected threat, and they aren’t able to handle it on their own…what are they going to do?
Simple, they’re going to get a couple of beings from the underworld to do it for them, with the promise of whoever doing it best getting into heaven! What could go wrong?
Neon White is a unique action/speedrunning game where you’ll go through parts of heaven and try to deal with the threat. But you don’t have to fight them if you don’t want to. Collect weapon cards and either wield them, or throw them away in order to get by!
As you progress, learn more about your underworld allies, and whether there is more here going on than you were told…
Also, Steve Blum voices the main character, so you just get it for that.
Elex might not have had the biggest launch, but if you enjoyed the game, there is a sequel coming out this year. Elex II will put players back into the role of Jax as he has to stop an invasion. We’re expecting more nonstop action gameplay here while Jax roams the area in hopes of reuniting the factions to help out in this new epic battle for peace and harmony. Likewise, there is a ton of player choice here, and depending on your actions, they may help or hinder the partnerships you’ll make with the various NPCs along the way.
In SD Gundam Battle Alliance you’re going to play a very unique version of Gundam history with pint-sized Gundams.
You see, in the G universe, the lore and canon of the franchises not only merge, they get warped. Creating a “false history” that needs to be corrected at all costs. So, you’ll team up with some of the most legendary mobile suits ever in order to rewrite the history back to the way it was.
So if you’re a fan of the Gundam franchise, you have just found a title that you absolutely must play. Especially given all the parts of the franchise that are going to be represented in this title.
One genre that war games often excel at are the tactical strategy games, and among the best of the best is the Company of Heroes saga. It’s been a while, but Company of Heroes 3 is here to remind you of how great it was by mixing in the mechanics of the previous games with new twists to take the strategy to the next level.
You’ll play as a general commanding your forces, and have to use ground, air, and naval units in order to come out on top.
Just like a true army, the terrain and access you have will establish how well you do. Create supply lines and make sure you have the best units possible, else your strategy will fall apart.
Add that to a deep campaign mode and you’ll see why Company of Heroes 3 is so anticipated.
There are games out there that are meant to be incredibly serious. Then there are games that just want you to have fun as you mess with a certain group of enemies. Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed is that game for sure. Because you get to play as everyone’s favorite foul-mouthed and angry alien as he goes on a revenge mission to Earth to screw with those that took out one of his kin.
And of course, you’ll get to basically be the cause of the “alien panic” of the earlier decades. Use over the top weapons like the Probe Gun in order to make them fear you, and even take control of people to use them for your purpose.
All in the name of revenge and alien supremacy.
Thymesia is much more than you think, as it tells the dark story of the kingdom of Hermes, who tried to solve their problems with Alchemy, and was so addicted to it that they ended up destroying themselves and the kingdom with it.
The only hope remains in one being…but it’s not as easy as it sounds. You see, their memories have been lost and scattered across the land. Now, you must fight a land filled with alchemic monsters and beings and collect the memories, and sift through them in order to figure out the truth.
But whether you WANT to figure out that truth…might be the question that really needs to be answered…
There are so many games in the Warhammer 40K universe that you’d think they’d have run out of ideas for new titles…but they haven’t as Warhammer 40,000: Darktide proves.
Because within this title, your job is to take back an entire city that has been corrupted and has become ravenous. But you aren’t a noble hero trying to do something for the honor of an emperor. No, you’re a reject who happens to be the only thing standing between this corruption and the rest of the galaxy.
You’ll get to build up your character from the ground up, including its voice and origin, then let them loose on the horde. Your playstyle is determined by you, but be aware that these enemies aren’t predictable, and they have plenty of challenges to keep you on your toes.
Gungrave has been around for quite a few years, but now we’re getting a new installment. This is actually a game set to be more a standalone release, so if you never played past releases, you’re perfectly fine jumping into this one. Players can expect an action-packed over-the-top shooter where you take the role of Grave. Undead and incredibly lethal, our character goes through anyone and anything to get his goals done. Again, you can jump into this game without any past experiences, but you can expect a gore-filled experience when you do. Armed with some duel pistols, players will be blasting away through swarms of enemies. Right now, we don’t have a specific release date for the game, but we can expect it at some point this year.
After wrapping up on GreedFall, Spiders is working to bring their next big game out into the marketplace, Steelrising. This game is set during the 1700s during the French revolution. When King Louis XVI began to terrorize the citizens, an engineer crafts up a mechanical warrior called Aegis. Players will be taking control of Aegis as they attempt to take down the King’s mechanical army and end the revolutionary war bloodshed. We haven’t seen too much of the game but being a mechanical protagonist, it will be interesting to see if we’ll be able to craft and make some upgrades to buff yourself for the next big battle and onslaught of enemies you’ll face again. Again, these folks are coming off from their past release, GreedFall which had some mixed reception online but still picked up a few notable awards for their work on the game.
The Uncharted franchise may have been dubbed “Dude Raider” upon its first appearance, but it eventually became one of the most beloved action-adventure series ever. And now, the Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection is bringing you the two most recent games in the franchise (you know there will be more…) to you in one package.
Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End is the “final tale” of Nathan Drake, who has to solve one last mystery and do one last treasure hunt due to the mysterious arrival of his long-thought dead brother, Sam.
Then, in Uncharted Lost Legacy, you’ll play as Chloe Frazer who must work with someone she doesn’t exactly trust in order to stop a warlord from getting their hands on an important artifact.
Both games bring story, gameplay, and intensity to the mix, so you won’t lose by buying and enjoying these games.
Sifu is a beat ‘em up title. The game is centered around a martial artist who finds that five assassins killed his entire family. Using a special medallion, the protagonist sets off to seek revenge. It’s all about martial arts melee combat, but this game has one slight twist. As players progress through the game, they’ll find that the medallion will revive them. Each time they perish, the medallion will revive the character, but it will shave off several years from his life. This means you’ll start off rather young but might soon find the character aging to an old man after a few deaths. If you perish too many times, the medallion will break, resulting in you having to start all over again.
If you’re seeking out an old-school FPS title with new-age mechanics and visuals, then Scathe is for you. You play as the aptly named Scathe, who is an enforcer created by the almighty himself to keep the depths of the underworld in line.
You’re given a new mission to delve into the depths and collect a series of stones as you work your way through a massive maze with plenty of monsters to kill. Don’t worry though, you’ll have the strength and speed to do it, you just need to make sure you survive as you get swarmed by them!
Scathe is violent, has plenty of weapons for you to use and enemies to kill, and you can even play with friends to take on the hordes together. So, what are you waiting for?
Valkyrie Elysium is the latest RPG franchise that Square Enix is trying to bring back, and it’s going big to make this one stand out in all the ways that matter as it continues the tales from the previous titles.
As the name makes it clear, you’re going to play as a Valkyrie, one who is charged by Odin himself to try and stop the end of times via Ragnarok. The problem is that Ragnarok is coming, and the world itself is starting to crumble under its influence. Now you must literally battle for the future of all with your might weapons and abilities.
Including the ability to go and summon the spirits of dead warriors to help you in battle. Doesn’t that sound fun?
Evil West is a rather unique game. In this title, you’re one of the last few secret agents tasked with keeping humanity safe from the supernatural and paranormal. However, you’re up against a new foe plaguing the world. Set during the old west, players will be using some high-tech weaponry to fight off a vampire legion. Players can expect a gory bloodbath and nonstop action in this upcoming release, which looks thrilling and fast-paced. However, we’re not sure just when in 2022, this game will hit the marketplace.
GhostWire: Tokyo comes from Tango Gamworks, who you might know from The Evil Within franchise. Here players take the role of a protagonist that can see and vanquish spirits. With this ability, you must free Japan from supernatural entities wreaking havoc. It looks to be done through an assortment of special powers that the player can summon from their protagonist. We haven’t seen a lot about this game yet, but it piques our interest, and it’s slated to release this year. While some details are a bit under wraps, it does look like this will be more of an action-oriented game. Still, you can likely expect a few horror elements popping in throughout the campaign.
Lies of P is an unusual game that you might find a bit surprising. Players are going through a new take of Pinocchio’s iconic children’s story, a puppet seeking to become a real human. This is a far more sinister take to the narrative as it’s tossed in a dark atmospheric world. So far, the developers are crafting the game up to be more of a Souls-like adventure with a ton of challenging combat to go through. Then there’s the fact that we have a narrative where we’ll get multiple endings. There’s even some emphasis on crafting up a unique weapon system. Since Pinocchio is not a human, he can swap out body parts and create new powerful weapons against targets.
Soulstice is an action RPG that’s based around a holy kingdom. However, evil creatures have made their way through, which has caused an order organization to unleash their own safety measures to protect the city. The horrifying monsters can be cleared out using a warrior race born by the unification of two souls. Players are taking the role of a warrior, which comprises two sisters, Briar and Lute. With Lute sacrificing her soul, players are controlling both Briar during the action and Lute’s ghost spirit. Battles are a big part of this game, and there’s said to be plenty of weapons to upgrade and switch around during combat. While the duo is trying to save the kingdom, they’ll slowly uncover more of the Order they are fighting for, along with their own secrets kept from them.
Dragon Ball: The Breakers is a bit of a unique Dragon Ball video game experience. The game is quite a bit like Dead by Daylight, for example. This game has players going through a 1 vs. 7 PvP match. In this game, players are either survivors or will take the role of an iconic villain from the series. We know the enemies available at launch will be Frieza, Buu, and Cell, but perhaps more enemy characters might be added into the game after launch. While the enemy player is buffed with plenty of abilities to take out characters, the survivors have to work together to complete goals and find a way to escape from the city. It’s certainly a different take on the franchise, which was previously known for traditional fighting games.
Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is a title that will be of interest to many who weren’t able to get the main game and its DLC on PS4. Why? Because this title combines the entirety of Final Fantasy VII Remake and the Intergrade story featuring Yuffie and puts it into one title for you to enjoy. So yeah, if you’re an FFVII fan, and you haven’t played the remake? This is for you.
And do recall that the remake is a top to bottom redo of the original game, but cropped at the Midgard saga of the story so that you can explore the world more, interact with the characters in deeper ways, and get new side missions.
It’s an awesome remake, and you deserve to play it.
Gotham Knights is an action RPG where we’re not stepping into the role of the dark knight. Instead, this game starts with a bang. Batman is dead and countless thugs will soon overrun Gotham City. Enemies galore will be popping in to carve off their claim to the city territories. But, Batman had one final message that got out, and it was sent to his former partners. Players will be stepping into the role of either Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, or Batgirl as they attempt to keep Gotham City safe after the passing of Batman. We know that each character has unique attributes and abilities to use, which means you’ll want to swap around between the roster as you progress through the game.
The Lego games are always family favorites. These are lighthearted games that you can enjoy with a young audience. Typically, several of these releases aim to be more of a parody towards the source material. We’ve seen a few Star Wars Lego games released in the past, but this upcoming release takes the full Skywalker saga and adapts it into a video game. Players can go through the entire storyline from the first episode or jump around to whatever episodes you’d like to go through. Each episode will have a series of levels based on memorable moments from that specific film, and that the developers have been tweaking the gameplay a bit, so we should get a more in-depth combat system than past releases.
Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands is a spin-off title to the beloved Borderlands franchise. However, you’ll find that you don’t need to play the previous games in the Borderlands series to enjoy this title. Here, we’re going on a fantasy adventure with Tiny Tina, a chaotic little girl, leading the way. We’re still waiting to hear a bit more information on this game, but it looks like there are various classes to take on, each with its own unique attributes. If you are familiar with the Borderlands IP, you can expect some over-the-top action-packed gameplay that’s best enjoyed with friends. There’s also countless loot to uncover throughout the map, so you’ll likely swap different weapons and gear pieces as you progress through each level.
Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II – 28 Oct, 2022
The upcoming Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® II is not going to be the same one that came out well over a decade ago (and thank goodness, because if you recall, that game had a bit of controversy around it…). Rather, this is a reuse of the title for a whole new storyline, and it’s aiming to use the modern graphics to tell a much better story of modern warfare.
But of course, even if the story falls flat on its face, you’ll be able to just jump into the multiplayer and have a blast there as you shoot your friends and your foes in order to try and come out on top.
The God of War franchise has been around for years. Since the PlayStation 2, we’ve been following Kratos on his anger-fueled journey. After a few years of being dormant, we finally got the unveiling of a soft reboot for the PlayStation 4. Kratos is now older and has a family. However, we start the game with Kratos losing his wife and must now raise his son alone. It’s an epic action-packed game where we are now facing Norse mythology. While fans might be waiting on the next thrilling installment, God of War: Ragnarok, PC gamers are actually getting this video game installment this year. Sony has been slowly offering its past exclusives to the PC platform, and this year we’re getting God of War.
The Lord of the Rings franchise is getting a new game into the marketplace. We haven’t seen too many big games for the IP release lately, but this character-specific title should give players some thrilling content. Of course, everyone knows Gollum, and now we’ll get a story centered around this individual. Just as he was in the novels and cinematic movies, Gollum will be going through the game, sticking to the shadows and using his wit to survive the harsh elements and filthy orcs that roam the area. This is also a game coming from Daedalic Entertainment, so we’re expecting narrative-driven action-adventure content. We have seen multiple dialogue choices that may allow players to venture down certain pathways, so perhaps we’ll also deal with multiple endings, but for now, we’ll have to wait and see just what the developers craft up.
Like God of War, Uncharted is also getting a PC port treatment. The iconic action-adventure journey featuring Nathan Drake will slightly appear on the platform. Unfortunately, this is not the full collection, and oddly enough, we’re only getting the final two releases. One of those releases is a spin-off from Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End release. Regardless, players will be able to get their hands on the final chapter for Nathan Drake, which is still a thrilling installment. Then as mentioned, players will be able to play through Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. We’re not sure if the earlier installments will ever make their way out onto the platform, but at the very least, this should make a solid experience if you never played the past games.
Pokemon games are always big hits. Since the 1990s, this franchise has evolved over the years. We had new anime series, movies, toys, and video game titles. Players are still trying to collect them all, and in this year, we’re going to be diving back into the past. Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a new installment, but one that takes place before the other games. We know that players will be stepping into a trainer looking to study all the different Pokemon species. While players won’t experience anything too drastically different from the past games, this title doesn’t feature random encounters. Instead, you’ll see all the different Pokemon in the wild. From there, you can attempt to capture them by throwing out a Pokeball or start up a battle using one of your own captured Pokemon. Furthermore, while the combat will still be turn-based, there is another slight catch. The speed attribute for your Pokemon won’t determine if it will attack first or not. Instead, the speed element will actually determine if you can get away with doing two commands in a single round.
Bayonetta 3 is set for release on October 28, and it will be a Nintendo Switch exclusive – sorry console gamers, you should have seen this coming. Bayonetta 3 will see the dark witch fight against a brand-new, terrifying threat that will stop at nothing when it comes to wreaking havoc. Bayonetta won’t have to fight these intimidating creatures all on her own though, she will become allied with old friends once again, specifically a witch called Viola, and an ensemble of alternate Bayonettas. This is another game that is touted to do great things, but only time will tell if it truly delivers.
Destiny 2 has been around for quite a long time now, and chances are you might have dabbled with the game already. After all, it wasn’t long after its release that the game went free to play. With that said, there have been several updates and expansions released to keep players logging in regularly. One of the upcoming major expansions coming out this year is The Witch Queen. Overall, the main antagonist in this expansion is the Witch Queen, who is the sister of Oryx. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, that was the main antagonist of the first Destiny game. Like the past major expansion to Destiny 2, players can see a slew of updates and content added to the game. For instance, we can expect new missions and maps for PVE and PVP, new weapons, and a raid. Furthermore, there are four seasonal content updates for this expansion.
Dying Light 2: Stay Human has been a game we’ve been waiting on for several years now. Not long ago, there were plenty of worries that perhaps the Dying Light sequel went into a development hell phase. Fortunately, Techland has delivered a series of updates to assure fans the game was coming. While initially, fans were expecting this installment to come out in 2021, we’re now slated to receive Dying Light 2: Stay Human this year. Players are tossed into a new protagonist living in one of the last safe havens around. This is a large open-world map attempting to keep survivors safe from the gnarly undead beasts living outside the walls. Just like the initial installment, players are in for an FPS with melee combat. A big portion of the game is parkour, with players free running to escape danger or traverse the town quickly. Likewise, players can expect several choices and consequences popping up. Depending on the choices you make can alter the different characters’ and faction views on the protagonist and change up the city itself.
Horizon Zero Dawn was a brand new IP by Guerrilla Games, the folks previously known for delivering the Killzone franchise. This was such a huge hit that it wasn’t surprising to see a sequel announced. Horizon Forbidden West will be putting players right back into the role of Aloy after the events of the first game. While trying to prosper once again, we find that a new plague has hit the world and has invaded Aloy’s area. With this new plague, all living things are dying off. If there is any hope of survival, Aloy must venture to the west in search of the source of this infection. Of course, we can expect plenty of new mechanical beasts and even tribes to deal with throughout the journey. You’ll also find a few new weapons and skills Aloy can use at her disposal.
When God of War was announced to return on the PS4, but with a new setting, tone, and voice actor, many weren’t sure what to expect. Greatness is what we got, and that’s why MANY are excited for God Of War Ragnarok on the PS5.
In this title, Kratos and Arteus are going to be once again clashing with the Norse pantheon of beings, but this time around, it’s to try and stop the end of times. As Ragnarok is on the horizon, but no one is sure why, and things only complicate when the two have to go save the Norse god of war to learn more.
Fight new foes, learn the truth about Ragnarok, and try not to lose yourself in the process.
Elden Ring was easily one of the most anticipated video game releases of 2022. This is the next major release by FromSoftware, which you’re likely already familiar with. These are the folks behind the Souls lineup, and you can expect more of the same kind of gameplay here. With that, we mean that there’s more of a dark atmospheric experience as you progress through the game. In fact, some of the world-building and lore was chipped in by George R. R. Martin, the author behind the ever-popular Game of Thrones novels. However, we know that this game will be far more extensive with a map to traverse freely, different locations to explore, and of course, some challenging battles to be had. Again, this is already one of the biggest games anticipated this year, so chances are you’re already well familiar with Elden Ring and, like the rest of us, you’ve been chipping away at the campaign.
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