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Looking for games like High on Life? Look no further.
High on Life delivers a first-person shooter experience with the humor of Justin Roiland, the co-creator of Rick and Morty. For fans of shooters and the sense of humor of Rick and Morty, you might find a lot of substance out of playing the latest game by Squanch Games.
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Whether you are a fan or not of Roiland's comedic style, there are plenty of games that are similar in some areas that could capture you. Whether it is an FPS or something in the opposite direction, the gaming industry has proven that it can have a good sense of humor while delivering a memorable experience.
The most logical choice after playing High on Life is Squanch's other major release; Trover Saves the Universe. It matches a similar art style that gives the vibes of Roiland's popular sci-fi cartoon with the same sense of humor. If you can handle the Morty-styled voice and dialogue, you should have a good time.
As the title suggests, Trover must save the universe while rescuing his dog-napped pups. By making choices, solving puzzles, and defeating enemies, you will be on your way to your goal. Its blend of genres is welcoming, as you get a variety of flavors from the gameplay.
Open-world games have a set of different formulas that they can take, and Insomniac's Sunset Overdrive goes heavily into the collectathon corner of the genre, which delivers rewards as you collect socks or destroy Fizzco security cameras. It is action-packed and has a vulgar sense of humor that differs from Insomniac's usual style, as seen with Ratchet & Clank and Spider-Man.
The studio's identity with wacky gadgets and weapons is in full force. Kill goopy orange mutants with weapons like The Flaming Compensator, TNTeddy, and The Roman Candle. Its balance of movement by hopping on bouncy objects or sliding on rails with its combat fuse together for one of the most bombastically satisfying action games around.
Having meaningful choices is brought to a new level with The Stanley Parable. Follow or not follow a narrator guiding you on a weird, silly journey through an office. Its premise starts small, and depending on what you do; it grows into unexpected areas.
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The puzzles are nothing too straining for those who are not fans of the genre. It is more of an experience as you go through making decisions, which will not only change the path of the story but add funny commentary from the narrator, who is the real star here.
If you want an FPS with comedy thrown between the bullets like High on Life, then playing Borderlands 3 or any game in the series is your best bet. Similar to what Roiland tends to write, Borderlands has a specific sense of humor that people either adore or cannot stand. You will quickly know which side you are taking after a few minutes.
The combat and RPG systems make for a great looter shooter. The third installment of the series drowns you in guns that look and mechanically work differently. Tie that to each character with their distinct abilities; then, you have plenty of freedom to play how you want and gather a different feel with each playthrough.
The Wolfenstein rebooted series by MachineGames may not seem like the best thing to compare to High on Life. You are dealing with subject matter that is heavy with genocide and Nazis winning World War 2, so they end up taking over the world. Still, there are pieces that could attract fans of Squanch Games.
For one, The New Colossus has some levity with its characters, whose big personalities shine in every scene. Put that next to the over-the-top brutality of its combat, then you have a blockbuster action experience with heart, drama, comedy, and plenty of Nazi dismembering.
If the puzzles in High on Life did not get you thinking hard enough, but you want something with a personality, then Portal 2 is your answer. Valve's FPS puzzle-solver is a classic that both challenges players and delivers a fun story with quirky robots.
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Portal 2 is a shining example of how you can take a simple premise of shooting a blue and orange portal, along with some cubes to place in specific areas, to become more complicated. The balance makes it approachable for newcomers, while being a brain-teaser makes it one of the best in its genre.
The remastered version of Destroy All Humans! 2 brings back a PS2-era classic with modernized graphics and some key enhancements to make it feel more like a modern game. Still, it captures the spirit of the sci-fi parody of alien invasion films from the 1950s and 1960s.
The second game opens its doors to a bigger world, which you can explore with a friend. Eviscerate buildings, probe humans, and experiment with the destructive weapons offered on your quest for world domination and human annihilation. It is a goofy, fun, action-adventure game that will amuse fans of High on Life.
Hitman 3 has the facade of a serious game, but outside of cut scenes, there is a lot of goofiness in the gameplay. While High on Life has writing to make you laugh with its talking guns and spoofs on real places or things, like Space Applebees, you can find plenty of things to laugh about when playing as Agent 47.
Each level is jam-packed with weapons and setups that lead to elaborate kills that will put on a smile even on someone as cold as Agent 47. The sandbox allows your creativity to flourish as you become the world's greatest assassin.
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