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These online video games feature Halloween-themed events that are perfect for exploration during the spooky season.
The spooky season of Halloween is not only an exciting time of the year outside of playing video games but also an interesting season to explore inside of games too. Online titles have been known to put on yearly events around the month of October that are Halloween themed that many players have enjoyed playing each year.
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These Halloween events commonly present players with new game modes to try or new additions to their favorite ones, as well as the possibility to unlock cool new spooky skins that are only available to earn for a limited time. With so many online games putting on events these titles have particularly awesome Halloween events for players to enjoy.
Recently For Honor has crossed over with Dead By Daylight in a Halloween event called Survivors of the Fog. This event has been very exciting for players especially for those that have also enjoyed playing the multiplayer survival horror as the game mode added to For Honor is based off how Dead By Daylight is played.
In this game mode called Survivors players are still against each other in a player vs player environment of four on each team. It takes place on a map that is themed to look like the Dead BY Daylight environment and then players must defeat the other team while avoiding the overpowering AI of the Trapper who has replaced the minions. Many hope the event will return this year.
Halloween is also celebrated across Azeroth in World of Warcraft. This in-game event is called Hallow's End, and it isn't only celebrated in a day but runs across a variety of days. It's celebrated through trick-or-treating, bobbing for apples, and the chance to defeat the Headless Horseman for some epic loot.
Every Inn the player visits in World of Warcraft will reward them with Tricky Treats that can be used to purchase items from the event traders. These can also be achieved through completing the various daily quests available at the event hubs.
Even pirates get to celebrate Halloween in Sea of Thieves with the Festival of the Damned, to bring forth their fury. Besides collecting a different colored flame that a player can light the lanterns on their ship with that symbolizes how they died, the Pirate Lord is encouraging players to dispatch threats across the seas.
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By players taking down undead threats in Sea of Thieves such as taking over a skeleton fort or defeating a ghost ships Armada players will earn favor with the Bilge Rats. Each week players will be given a note telling them what activities will give them even more favor, as they earn such appeal with the group they will unlock Wicked Web cosmetics to wear.
As another massive multiplayer title Halloween in the Elder Scrolls Online can be celebrated during the Witches Festival. This spooky event gifts players with a cauldron memento that when used during the event not only turns the player temporarily into a skeleton but also rewards them with an experience boost.
Players can unlock a wide variety of armor styles, emotes and other unique recipes during the event while completing different delves, dungeons, and group bosses. Not to forget mentioning defeating the event specific boss called the Crowborne Horror that also provides exclusive rewards.
Naturally battle royales like Apex Legends also have their Halloween events, including exciting new modes as well as altercations to maps many remember. During the month of October players are able to get involved in Fight or Fright.
This four-week event starts the 4th of October introducing the Shadow Royale. Not only are the maps completely in the dark to add to the spooky vibe, but any legend killed will come back in a shadow form that can revive their other squad mates. They are easy to kill in this form but will keep respawning until their whole squad is defeated.
Ghosts of Verdansk s a game mode added to Call of Duty: Warzone during the Haunting event which comes around the season of Halloween. This game mode players similarly to Zombie Royale which some players may have also experienced. Taking part on a nighttime version of the Verdansk map, a total of 102 players are deployed with a hope of surviving as humans though if killed they would become a ghost.
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As a ghost a player could only defeat humans that are highlighted to them and are incredibly weak to any shots from the humans, though if they got three kills they could become human again. Human players are in for a fright too as they would receive jump scares as their fear meter increased making for an interesting game mode.
As a long-running Halloween event, Destiny 2 provides each year with a new armor for each class of guardian that is set in a different theme. This year's theme was voted on by the community early in the year with many exciting options though in the end Team Dino won.
Alongside the new costumes players have also been given three new terrifying tales to follows with a fire team of friends as they explore the mystery of the Haunted Sectors. Such as Exo and Vex have merged to make something entirely different and horrifying and many more stories to explore.
Although the original servers of Overwatch have been shut down and replaced with Overwatch 2, Blizzard have confirmed that its Halloween event is here to stay and will be returning during the Halloween season for players to enjoy.
That means that the PVE mode Junkenstein's Revenge will also be making a comeback for players to complete with friends as they attempt to prevent waves of enemies from getting into the castle. The shop will also be providing Halloween skins that can be purchased for many of the heroes.
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