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Here are five things in technology that happened this past week and how they affect your business. Did you miss them?
1 – A Wilmington restaurant has hired its first robot employee.
A restaurant in Wilmington, North Carolina recently hired its first robot staff member. aRtisano Pizza & Gelato welcomed its newest employee, a robot named Chris. The robot was developed by an engineer that previously worked for Google and has since launched California-based company Bear Robotics. Chris delivers orders, assists with hosting, sings to restaurant patrons, and busses tables. (Source: WECT 6)
Why this is important for your business:
I feel that stories like this are pretty much marketing gimmicks. But not for long. Most of the robot tech being used in restaurants is still in early stages (although companies like Miso Robotics are doing some very interesting things). However, we’ll be seeing more small restaurants leaning on robotic technology in the coming years to replace the workers they can’t find anyway.
2 – Google unveiled a new machine learning add-on for Google Sheets.
Google recently introduced an add-on for Google Sheets. The new machine learning add-on known as Simple ML for Sheets enables users to take advantage of machine learning capabilities without having any prior experience with coding. The add-on is currently in beta with the goal to help everyone leverage the benefits of machine learning. (Source: MarkTech Post)
Why this is important for your business:
Google expert Abner Li of 9TO5Google writes that Simple Ml will better help business owners make predictions based on thier data. For example, “if you’re a car repair shop owner who keeps records of past repairs with data points like car make, repair type, and mileage, you can use Simple ML to predict the number of hours necessary to fix a car.”
3 – Robco is bringing modular robotics to industrial small businesses.
Robotics startup Robco recently developed a platform to design inexpensive modular robots for industrial medium and small-sized businesses. Founders of the Munich-based startup intend to use recent funding to add more clients and expand what the existing modules are capable of. Currently, there are three components that make up the offering which include palletizing, laser engraving, and lathe turning. (Source: Tech Crunch)
Why this is important for your business:
Robco’s robots will help SMB manufacturers better automate palletizing, laser engraving and lathe turning. What’s important to note here is that the company’s price point for its products are in a very affordable range for smaller size company, which means that SMBs can have access to robotics technology that has to date only been enjoyed by larger organizations.
4 – Microsoft is adding screen recording to the Windows 11 Snipping tool.
Microsoft recently announced that it will add screen recording capabilities to its Snipping tool in Windows 11. With the new feature, users will no longer need to use a third-party app in order to capture videos of their desktop. Users will simply have to open the app and select the option to record. (Source: Bleeping Computer)
Why this is important for your business:
This is a big deal to me, personally, as I use Microsoft’s “snip” feature frequently (just type “snip” in the search bar) to grab anything from my screen. With the ability to record so quickly and easily this will help our business share more information about how to use our products with our client base.
5 – Remote work is better with this portable touchscreen monitor.
Entrepreneur Magazine recently named the Desklab Portable Touchscreen Monitor as a must-have for anybody still working remotely. The touchscreen monitor can easily fit into a backpack and its 4K screen enables users to have flexibility similar to a tablet. The monitor can be connected via 3.5mm auxiliary ports, HDMI, or USB-C and used with tablets, game consoles, phones, desktops, or laptops. (Source: Entrepreneur)
Why this is important for your business:
I’ve heard from a few clients that use this monitor remotely and love it.


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