"Action Square opens official web page for their latest instalment of the Blade series entitled 'Blade: Re.Action'" – Games Press


Action Square today unveiled the official web site for its latest title 'Blade: Re.Action’, a new mobile game for IOS and Android.
'Blade: Re.Action’ is the latest instalment of the Blade series, Action Square's signature IP. It is a mobile Action RPG game set in a fantasy medieval world when the time of night returns.
Hundred years ago, there was a great battle between darkness and light. Archangel Ramiel-sama and the heroes sealed the absolute darkness Magnus after a fierce battle. However, a hundred years later, a new darkness appeared and quickly engulfed the world, and even the sealed Magnus began to wake up from a deep sleep-in response to the new power of darkness.
'Blade: Re.Action’ boasts high-quality graphics, overwhelming action, and provides a progressive upgradable combat system. Action Square has been utilizing their development power and know-how derived from developing other titles like ‘Blades of Three Kingdoms’, ‘Blade’, and ANVIL to create something spectacular and exciting.
Yeonjun Kim, CEO of Action Square, said, "I am very pleased to be able to present the action masterpiece 'Blade: Reaction' using Blade IP as a P&E game. We will try our best to provide an action-packed game that can be enjoyed by everyone around the globe.”
'Blade: Re.Action’ incorporates a blockchain P&E (Play & earn) system based on its famous IP (intellectual property) ‘Blade’, an ARPG (Action Role Playing Game). 
'Blade: Re.Action’ will be onboard WeMade's blockchain platform WEMIX, and the game will use a unique utility token called ‘BLART’. With the token, users can enjoy 'Blade: Reaction' and acquire in-game dark crystals, and use them to purchase or trade game items, and freely exchange them to real-world assets via WEMIX credits.
Action Square plans to release ' Blade: Re.Action’ globally in the first half of next year, and through the official brand page, game information and information about the game token 'BLART' will also be announced.


About Action Square
Action Square is an expert game developer of action games in the mobile game market after the success of “Blade for Kakao” – the first mobile game to win the Korea Game Award and the release of “Blade Three Kingdom” and “Blade2 for Kakao.” In August 2021, the studio announced the development of PC/Console action shooting game ANVIL, and is continuing with new projects, such as “Kingdom: The Blood,” which uses Netflix original IP.
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Action Square, BD Team / [email protected]

Discord: https://discord.gg/e7gqeZF6G8
Telegram: https://t.me/+Oe9dVZmDx3Y0MGQ1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BladeRAofficial
GitBook: https://blade-re-action.gitbook.io/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/ACTIONSQUARE
Homepage: https://bladereaction.action2quare.com/
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