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Like most mobile games, Airship Knights too offers the players codes from time to time, allowing them to get their hands on some exclusive loot and rewards for the time they spend in the game.
As the game is an idle Role-Playing Game (RPG), it will offer many ways for you to upgrade your airship as you go toe-to-toe with other players around the world. These codes will allow you to get your hands on some diamonds, which are the currency that you use to upgrade your ship and get an edge over your opponent.
Today’s guide will go over all the active codes that SuperPlanet is offering in December 2022, as well as go over how you will be able to use those codes to redeem the rewards in Airship Knights.
Before moving on to the list of codes, it’s important to note here that the codes that were released on Tuesday (December 13) are likely to be valid for around a week and may not be active beyond that time. Mobile codes usually last a few days, so you will be required to redeem them to get the rewards as soon as possible.
Here is a list of all the current active codes that you will be able to use in Airship Knights:
It’s very likely that the codes will soon become invalid, and you are advised to use them before they expire and are no longer working.
There has been confusion amongst players as to how one will be able to redeem codes in Airship Knights.
Here are some of the steps that you will need to employ to be able to make the codes usable in the idle RPG.
Once you have entered the code and hit submit, Airship Knights will automatically check whether the code you have entered is valid or not. If the code is working, you will be able to automatically redeem the rewards, however, if they have expired, it will be shown as invalid.
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