Bain Capital Raises $2 Billion for Latest Tech Fund With Eyes on Europe – Bloomberg

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Entertainment executive Charles D. King has emerged as one of the most influential tastemakers in Hollywood, empowering creators of color from Tyler Perry to Ryan Coogler.
South Africa’s AlexForbes Aims to Double Retail Business by 2027
UK Property Slumps to Worst Quarter Since 2009 as Rates Bite
EU Says Recession Is Here and Inflation Shock Will Linger On
UK Economic Contraction Heralds Start of Protracted Recession
Meloni Risks Italy Tax Controversy Raising Cash Limit to €5,000
EMEA Earnings to Watch: Vodafone, Siemens, Burberry
Son Bids Goodbye to Investor Calls as SoftBank Turns Defensive
Twitter’s Tesla Parody Mocks Musk’s Battle Against Fake Accounts
Musk Warns Twitter Bankruptcy Possible as Senior Executives Exit
BT CEO Says Energy Subsidy Unlocks Talks for Extra Staff Support
Ex-South African Finance Minister Manuel Warns Against Unaffordable Grants
Russia and US to Hold First Nuclear Talks Since Ukraine Invasion
Europe’s Richest Millennial Emerges From Red Bull Wealth Shift
US Tech Billionaires Enjoy Best Day on Record After Brutal 2022
Japanese Music Stars Form Band ‘To Make the World Rock’
No. 12 Texas Honors Slain Houston Christian Star Darius Lee
FTX Collapse Is a Feature, Not a Bug, of Financial Innovation
The Peak Looks In, But Markets Risk Overdoing It
Crypto Can Survive the Possible Demise of FTX
Meta Investors Are in No Mood for Zuckerberg’s Metaverse Moonshot
A Narrow GOP Majority Is Kevin McCarthy’s Dream/Nightmare Come True
One of Gaming’s Most Hated Execs Is Jumping Into the Metaverse
Record Global Food Import Bill Near $2 Trillion Hurting Poorest
World Cup Stadium Construction Flouted Qatar’s New Laws, Rights Group Says
China’s Top EV Wastes No Time Getting Traction in Indonesia
UAE to Start Carbon-Offset Trading Exchange in Abu Dhabi
In Rapidly Urbanizing Seoul, the Next Battle Is Saving Green Spaces
Chicago Mayor Defends ‘Tough Decisions’ Leading City Out of Junk
Can LA’s ‘Mansion Tax’ Unlock Affordable Housing Across California?
What Binance’s Axed FTX Buyout Means for the Cryptoverse
FTX Implosion Rattles Retail Investors Who Fear Their Money Is Gone
Inside FTX.US, Employees Are Trying to Sell Assets With Sam Bankman-Fried Away


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