Benefits of Having Telegram App: Telegram, A New Way to earn money online


Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, it’s super-fast, simple and free. You can use Telegram on all your devices at the same time — your messages sync seamlessly across any number of your phones, tablets or computers.

What is Telegram App :

The messaging app Telegram is cloud-based and rapidly expanding. It is renowned for its high level of information security and is accessible on both desktop and mobile devices. Telegram, which was developed in Russia, is today popular throughout the world. With over one billion instals, nearly four times more than the previous year, it is the ninth most popular non-gaming app.

Telegram has an advantage over other messengers in terms of communication and revenue because it enables users to construct fully functional, simple-to-create channels. There is no advertising on Telegram, which is another benefit. This draws informed viewers who are aware of the most recent online trends.

How to Make Money from Telegram App :

You have the option of joining Telegram as a user or a channel owner. It would help if you had a Telegram Channel to start making money using Telegram. After joining Telegram, anyone can create a channel by following a few easy steps. Telegram channels come in two flavours: private and public. Finding a public channel you create through a worldwide search will be possible. It would help if you established a public medium to gain popularity and make a respectable income.

In this internet industry, I am a learner and a newbie. There are numerous methods to use Telegram to make money online. I have used only five of these—which you will learn more about here.

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Amazon Affiliate Marketing: How to Make Money on Telegram Through Amazon :

Many users of Telegram and members of other channels are unaware of how much money these channel owners make each month from Amazon Affiliate Marketing. The time it takes to build and paste a unique link into Telegram is short. Informing other users of their income would be unfair. I will solely talk about my Telegram earnings from the past month.

I have been conducting “Laptop Reviews” on this website for the past few months, as you are all aware. I didn’t want to take any chances. Therefore I decided not to start Amazon Affiliate Marketing on Telegram. Consequently, I opened a new Amazon Affiliate account two months ago.

I was uncertain at the moment whether Amazon would suspend my account due to the direct link sharing on Telegram. Thankfully, though, my account was accepted. Currently, I share 30–40 Amazon links on Telegram every day, quickly earning $200 on average per day.

So, if you want to begin your career on Telegram, I would advise you to apply to Amazon Affiliate and set up an account. To qualify, you need to complete 3 sales within 6 months. If you have a small number of subscribers, completing three transactions within six months is relatively simple. Once you’ve finished it, the Amazon Affiliate Team will verify your account and determine whether or not you qualify. Could you view the video to learn more about it?

To keep your account secure, you need to take a few steps.

How to Safeguard an Account
Don’t send the link in a direct message, WhatsApp, or Messenger.
Don’t make a purchase using your link.
If you are a blogger or YouTuber, refrain from creating content that is against Amazon’s policy.
You can check out the many other available criteria here.

Generate Income via Sponsorship & Collab :

You can earn Rs 10,000 or even more through sponsorship if you have a sizable number of subscribers. If you follow my Telegram channel, you might have noticed that I only share 20–30 pieces of content daily. Compared to other well-known Telegram channels, it is a pretty small number. Additionally, only 2.3K people subscribe to my Telegram channel. But as you are aware, I made Rs 8,000 in sponsorship revenue last month.

On Telegram, I primarily promote fantasy apps and fantasy teams. If you have a few thousand subscribers, not much work is required. The application teams relevant to your field will contact you by email, Instagram, or another method you have specified.

These days, fantasy apps reach out to me automatically to advertise on my Telegram channel. I get paid for doing this. Some apps charge a monthly fee, while others charge for each download. The fascinating part came when I inquired how much money they would give me if I created a YouTube video or article. But they oppose this. I was considering that they want to advertise on Telegram. If I discuss my channel metrics, it has 2.3k subscribers. Thus the reason is apparent.

Additionally, posts are typically viewed by 800-900 people. However, only 101–5 people watch films from the notice on YouTube, which has 2.5k subscribers. It is the reason that many app developers desire to advertise their apps on Telegram to gain quick results or downloads.

So in August 2020, I made Rs 8000 over a Telegram in this manner.

Generate Income From Affiliate Marketing :

There are several websites where you may use affiliate marketing to make money. Platforms like Myntra, Ajio, Hostgator, and others offer excellent affiliate programmes in addition to Amazon. Flipkart wasn’t mentioned because you can no longer sign up as an affiliate, and other third-party sites no longer offer a commission on Flipkart sales. But as you are all aware, it is difficult to handle all these sites. EarnKaro and its attractive features are now here. You are not required to meet any requirements or follow any restrictions as Amazon is.

On both your purchases and Recharge, you can make a commission. However, only you are unable to make an Amazon purchase using your link. Apart from these, EarnKaro is a great way to make extra money.

If you own a Telegram or WhatsApp channel, you must download EarnKaro, sign up, and start making money. Click here to learn more about EarnKaro.

Telegram cross-promotion :

One of the fastest and quickest ways to make money on the Telegram Channel is this method. Suppose your channel has a similar number of subscribers as mine (2.3k). As a result, other channel owners in your field will contact you and ask you to promote their channel. You merely need to post their channel link onto your channel when they ask you for your fees. I made Rs 500 throughout an hour’s worth of posting. If they achieve a positive outcome, they will contact you again and recommend your name to other outlets. So all you have to do to make money in this manner is expand your channel and win the audience’s trust.

Promotion of Blogpost Article on Telegram :

In my opinion, you cannot immediately earn enough money in this manner. You can share the link to your article on Telegram if you have a website or YouTube channel and want it to be viewed immediately. You can make money through advertisements on your website or YouTube channel.

You can share content from other websites in this way as well. I haven’t had the chance to share any additional website links yet. However, you can also make money from it if a website owner contacts you and requests that you place their link on your channel. However, it is not as widely used as the other methods or as popular.

Telegram Channel Refer and Earn application :


I’ve already discussed this procedure in the section above. However, even if you didn’t receive any paid promotion offers, you can still make money with this method. Many programmes like My11Circle may have caught your eye, and Vision11 also features a refer-and-earn programme. Therefore, you can make some extra money if you share the URL to your application on your YouTube channel and followers download the app. If you are not sponsored, it is still a beneficial procedure.

my11kings-referral-code :
You know, this was my primary source of income when there were no offers of promotions. Last year, I promoted My11Circle and 11Challengers, making a lot of money.

By Sharing Shortens Links in Telegram :

My channel primarily focuses on online bargains, specials, and fantasy cricket teams. However, if your channel focuses on news or educational material, you might make money by publishing news. For instance, if you provide a link to another website, you may easily shorten it using a website that charges for clicks. Thus, you can still generate a respectable income even with little effort.

Conclusion :

I used these fundamental methods and legitimate ways to monetize your Telegram channel. My favourite strategies are Amazon Sponsorship and Affiliate Marketing. since I made Rs 25,000 from the previous month.

Please leave a comment below if you have any other queries about how to make money online. Additionally, please leave a remark if you have any thoughts or recommendations. So I can write an article on it.

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