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Amazon’s God Of War, The Witcher 3’s update, and all of the other biggest stories from the last week in video games.
Christmas is right around the corner and the handful of games that launched this past week have pretty much brought the curtain down on 2022's calendar. If you have been holding out on deciding your Game of the Year until everything was here, it's decision time. High On Life and The Witcher 3's current-gen update were both rolled out this week, and both made headlines for a variety of reasons. Elsewhere, there was good news for God of War fans, mixed news for Henry Cavill, and a few other things, all of which will be covered below as we run back through the biggest video game news of the past week.
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It had been rumoured for a while that a God of War adaptation was in the works at Amazon. Those rumours became official this week as Amazon confirmed them to be true. Nothing more than the reveal a God of War TV show is actually happening has been divulged so far, but that hasn't stopped fans from speculating on and discussing what exactly it should be. Sunny Suljic, who has played Atreus in the last two God of War games, has already thrown his hat into the ring when it comes to casting. He did then point out he might be a little too old to play a live-action Atreus, though.
It has been a hell of a week for Henry Cavill. Amid the shake-up behind the scenes at DC and Black Adam seemingly not hitting the numbers Warner Bros. hoped it might, Cavill was informed by James Gunn that he won't be his Superman moving forward. As fans of The Witcher started to wonder if that means the actor will now return to the role of Geralt, rumours started to surface that Cavill already has another major project in the works. Those rumours were then confirmed as Cavill is working on, and starring in, a Warhammer 40,000 series headed up by Amazon. Cavill is a huge Warhammer fan and has likely signed on to the project so he can have more of a say in what's done with an adaptation of something he loves.
While we're talking about a man who will become a former Witcher after season three of the Netflix show, let's talk about the current-gen update of The Witcher 3 which finally rolled out this week and is free to anyone who already owns the game. There has even been a Henry Cavill easter egg added via the update, plus a Cyberpunk 2077 reference. While most of the feedback has been positive, PC players have been running into a few issues. Ray tracing appears to be making the update run slowly and even crash in some cases. CD Projekt Red has addressed the problems and listed the ones it is trying to fix.
Most games that have launched towards the tail end of this year have received blanket reactions. Everyone loved God of War Ragnarok, while we all shared the bugs we experienced playing Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. That hasn't been the case for High On Life. After launching this week, half of its early players seem to think it's a great game filled with funny jokes, while an equal number of people seem to think it's terrible and the gags are tired and unfunny. The ability to watch an entire movie in-game appears to have been warmly received, as has the inclusion of Space Applebee's. Using AI-generated art to add the finishing touches to the game, on the other hand, maybe not so much.
It has been well over a year since Insomniac debuted the first trailer for Spider-Man 2. Still promised to be here in 2023, evidence started to mount this week that confirmation of a release date was coming. Its PlayStation Store page appeared briefly, and then an artist working on the game listed a window on their personal website. PlayStation eventually caved on Thursday and confirmed the sequel to its Spider-Man exclusive will finally be here in fall 2023. No, not a specific date to put in the diary, but if all goes to plan, we'll all be swinging around New York City again wearing spandex less than a year from now.
As everyone who loves The Last Of Us games has been distracted with the TV adaptation debuting on January 15, 2023, Naughty Dog may well have been busy working on Part 3. That's according to a leak reported this week. A leak that should be taken with a pinch of salt, but one that comes from a source that has leaked accurate information in the past. Neil Druckmann has previously confirmed an outline for Part 3 has been written for a while, so it's certainly feasible the studio might have moved on to actually bringing that outline to life.
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