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Gala Games has hired Mark Skaggs as the new SVP of Games to bring new life to Town Star as the game gets big updates and a stronger development team.
Town Star is the flagship blockchain game built by Gala Games. In this town-building game launched in early 2020 with a passionate group of fans, players compete to build the most efficient town in a given time frame. It is a competitive agricultural game with players completing tasks to earn Town Points, with players that reach the top of the scoreboard have the potential to win prizes. The basic objective of the game is to build the most effective and productive town imaginable by growing, gathering, and crafting your way there.
Town Star is also a P2E game, or a play-to-earn game, meaning it has in-game items minted as NFTs and in-game currency fully usable as crypto. In addition, it is of decentralized nature, like most of Web3 built assets, guaranteeing that its ongoing development is done collaboratively, with player feedback considered by the developers to improve the game.
Gala Games has a staggering 1.3+ million active users. It aims to create the world’s largest decentralized gaming network, to empower players through asset ownership, and to develop new AAA gaming experiences. The company uses Web3 technology and is supported by a plethora of knowledge and expertise from the professional gaming industry. 
A significant step toward becoming one of the industry leaders in Web3 gaming is the appointment of Mark Skaggs as SVP of Games. Skaggs will oversee a larger group of engineers, economists, and designers who will work on the Town Star platform. The industry heavyweight has a 29-year gaming career, three AIAS awards, and a history of producing games that have been played by 400+ million Facebook users, sold 16+ million copies at retail, and downloaded 30+ million times on mobile. He is best known for creating FarmVille and CityVille on Facebook.
Among other big changes that Skaggs is bringing to Town Star is the fact they are switching game engines from PlayCanvas to Godot. This will allow Town Star to become server-authoritative. This adds more interactive ways to play to reach a wider audience of gamers. A bold and interesting move. According to the Gala leadership, this newly invigorated Town Star team is currently reimagining the game’s long-term potential.
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