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Publisher Bushiroad Games, Bushiroad‘s newly established console games label, and Rune Factory 5 developer HAKAMA have announced action RPG Rear Sekai for Switch. It will launch in 2023 in Japan.
The game is planned and produced by Yoshifumi Hashimoto, and features illustrations by Shie Nanahara and Minako Iwasaki, as well as a main musical composition by Motoi Sakuraba. Its voice-over cast includes Kaito Ishikawa and Saori Oonishi.
Watch the teaser trailer below. Visit the teaser website here.
January 18 @ 5:00 am6:00 am EST
January 19 @ 6:00 am7:30 am EST
January 19January 23
January 25 @ 3:00 pm5:00 pm EST
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