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All the biggest launches from the world's biggest tech show – CES 2023
The world’s biggest technology show has been back in person in Las Vegas this week for the second year after a break for that thing we no longer seem to talk about. And we’ve been at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to check out everything new across several days of press conferences and launches.
There have been lots of new products launched including laptops, smartphones, wearables, headphones, electric cars and much more. Check out all our stories below. We’ve also selected our 10 top products in our Stuff CES 2023 Awards and also identified all the tech trends from the show that point the way to how the world of tech will develop over the next year.
Cables might be out of fashion elsewhere, but Sennheiser still flies the flag
The Acer eKinekt BD 3 is an off-grid digital nomad’s dream
Hero headset has a suitably sky-high price
SOS by satellites
Getting peepy
High resolution for creators, high refresh rate for gamers
If only it came with its own dictionary
Made in Sweden (but you won’t find one in Ikea)
The screen says entertainment excellence, the keyboard cover promises productivity
Joined by e-paper-toting Thinkbook Plus Twist dual screen convertible
Business-focused blower promises advanced security and Windows-friendly features
Portable turntable’s return was so popular it needed another one
ATH-M50xSTS promises studio-grade sound from a built-in boom mic
Five new models promise pure sound for both music and home cinema
More ways to play
AIs on the road
The iVision Dee is a new concept vehicle that points the way for tech in future BMWs
The device can be used with all kinds of smart home devices
Creator-friendly laptop joins a bulging 2023 line-up
BMW’s new iDrive 9 infotainment system is on the way to a vehicle near you
High refresh rate display and speedy Wi-Fi ready for cloud gaming
A minimalist’s dream screen
Pre-amp, power amplifier and power supply are marvellously modern Hi-Fi
Talk about impressive credentials…
150% increase over outgoing flagship thanks to new panel tech
Touchy buds
New full-frame S Series models bring in a whole heap of tweaks and improvements
Available in both AMD-powered Windows 11 and Intel-powered Chromebook versions
Afeel-it brumming
A big refresh from last year’s A13
Nvidia’s RTX 4090 laptop GPU and a 13th Gen Intel Core i9 processor? RIP your wallet
Joined by Spinner BT Bluetooth turntable and premium studio monitors
Bespoke with brains
The flagship Ultraslim notebook is as thin as a smartphone
Mind-reading sleep magic
A TV like you’ve never seen before
New TVs, Samsung, and Vegas. Name a more iconic trio
A sliver under £900 nets you super-fast Wi-Fi 6E, with 5G connectivity
TV lightstrips, learning switches, a skylight, and updates to the essentials.
New health monitor makes your toilet smarter
Larger screens and hardcore hardware for new X-Series and M-Series
Desktop displays don’t get much faster than the Alienware AW2524H
Stealthy gaming models make no power concessions for 2023
13th-gen Core CPUs meet 4000-series Nvidia RTX graphics
Light-up entertainment
It plays nice with Alexa too
240 hurts less
Rest easy in the knowledge that your chameleon-like food cooler is bang up-to-date on colour trends
Your eyes are in for a (presumably very expensive) treat
Slide to the left. Two folds this time!
Sixth-gen picture processor and brightness booster, plus WebOS updates across the board
Productivity on flex
Power’s the idea
Switch it real good
Packing Dolby Atmos surround sound
Oh, and a washer and dryer with 7in touch panels
And if you want a look back to last year, you’d do worse than to check out Stuff’s CES Awards 2022: our 10 most-wanted gadgets from the show as well as the tech themes we learned about for the year that has just passed!
The top headlines from the present – and terrifying future – of the world’s biggest tech show
The streaming platform is surprisingly well-stocked with spooky movies
The cream of the Virtual Private Network crop – what’s the best VPN service for you?
Amazon’s excellent new smart speaker ensures its rivals must keep their eye on the ball
A modest update to Google’s cheapest rebranded smart speaker
Updated 31//17: A Philips Hue software upgrade will bring ‘surround sound for your eyes’ later this year. Say what?
Dyson’s flagship vacuum cleaner comes with acoustic sensors and a laser to detect microscopic dust.
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