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Cookie Run: Kingdom’s many currencies and resources pose a never-ending challenge for F2P users who want to keep up with top-ranking players spending large sums of money on in-game purchases.
While the advantage that the latter group holds over the former is undeniable, particularly with new Cookies being released constantly leading to a volatile PvP meta, Devsisters frequently release redeem codes to bridge that gap.
The latest redeem codes that you should be cashing in immediately have been listed below, along with a detailed guide on how to go about doing the same.
All redeem codes from this list will continue to be active, at least until the end of November.
Note: New redeem codes will be added to this article as and when they are released.
Released as part of the BTS x CRK collaboration, yet another redeem code is available for Cookie Run: Kingdom fans, but it will have to be redeemed using a slightly different procedure than the usual DevPlay website route. The code is provided below:
This is the answer to the #RiddleKingdom contest that the developers held on their official Twitter handle. To redeem it, head to the Events section in-game and open the Riddle Kingdom header there. There will be an open space for this code to be pasted in the center of the screen.
Furthermore, there are additional rewards on offer, based on how many CRK fans crack this riddle. Nearly 2,000,000 players have solved it so far, with additional rewards for every million players who do it.
As mentioned earlier, each redeem code has a set expiration date. Developers do take action against users who try to redeem expired codes repeatedly, so it’s best to only enter codes that are verified to be active.
Many media outlets furnish expired codes as active ones, and readers can try redeeming these codes at their own risk, considering that this may lead to the eventual removal of their Cookie Run: Kingdom account.
Some popular codes that have recently expired are provided below, so that players can steer clear of them.
All Cookie Run: Kingdom redeem codes can be redeemed with a simple procedure, which has been outlined below:
Readers can feel free to drop a comment below for any further queries that they may have.
Cookie Run: Kingdom fans can track this space for all the latest news about the game.
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