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Indie developer Ruben Pecellin, of Golf Odyssey and Basketball Odyssey fame, has announced their upcoming new game; a Vampire Survivors-inspired top-down wave survival RPG. Much like Pecellin’s other titles, there’s a hefty dose of retro in this one with aesthetics inspired by old NES games, and a soundtrack to match.
In case you haven’t stayed caught up with a lot of recent mobile releases like, the Vampire Survivors wave has been huge lately. This type of game usually sees you take on the role of a character in the middle of a wide-open map where wave after wave of enemies will swarm you, usually until a specific amount of time has passed, depending on the stage you’ve chosen.
During this survival wave, as you kill enemies, you’ll level up. And with every level, you’ll get a barrage of different weapon options, all of which will change your playstyle. Another crucial part of this style of game is that the combat is automatic, and all you really have to do is move around. The weapons you choose will typically do the battling for you, slicing in waves in front of you or launching projectiles at nearby enemies, things of that nature.
In the case of Demon Survival, you’ll take on the role of a nameless protagonist doing battle against massive demonic forces that look like shadowy darkness creatures. The trailer above shows off a few item choices, like a meteor shower upon your foes or a sword that slices behind and in front of you, but there are almost assuredly a billion other options to fine-tune a build and survive the swarms of demons.
If you’ve played a game like this before, you know what you’re getting into. Progression between runs, plenty of different build choices, and a screen full of enemies. This is the Vampire Survivors-like formula, and it is one that is truly addicting.
So, if you’re hooked on this sort of game, Demon Survival is one to watch out for. You can currently pre-register for it at either of the links below and get ready for the November 15th release date!

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