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The first Disney Dreamlight Valley code gets you the Mysterious Golden Potato
We’ve been thinking about Disney Dreamlight Valley codes since the game first launched back in August, and we saw the “Redemption code” option tucked away in one of the menus. After months of silence, we finally have our first code available, and by redeeming it you can claim the Mysterious Golden Potato item. Admittedly, it’s not clear what this shiny spud actually does in Disney Dreamlight Valley just yet, but it’s a move in the right direction!Disney Dreamlight ValleyCheck out the Disney Dreamlight Valley update to see what’s new with “Missions in Uncharted Space”
Hopefully this means that more Disney Dreamlight Valley codes will be released in the future, as it was looking like this feature could be redundant when it hadn’t been used for the first few months. It’s still an underutilized part of the game, but at least we now know that it works and the process to follow. We’ll keep this list updated with any fresh entries that are found, but for now here’s the Mysterious Golden Potato code and details of how to redeem codes in Disney Dreamlight Valley.Disney Dreamlight Valley codesWe’ve been keeping an eye out for Disney Dreamlight Valley codes for months now, and finally the first one has become available:
There are a couple of things to note when entering this code – the hyphens are required, so make sure those are included when you type it in, and it also contains an incorrect spelling of ‘potato’ so check what you’ve written to confirm you’ve entered it exactly as shown above.
This will award you with “A Mysterious Object” that, on closer inspection, turns out to be a Mysterious Golden Potato, described as “A shiny potato that should probably not be eaten…” There’s currently no indication of what this is used for, though it’s tagged in the game as a quest item so its purpose may be revealed later, and the expiry date for this Disney Dreamlight Valley code is marked as the beginning of June 2023. That means it could be a while before we know what this fancy tuber does, so we suggest stashing it in storage for the time being.Disney Dreamlight Valley codesTo redeem Disney Dreamlight Valley codes, you first need to enter the game as this can’t be done from the main menu. Once you’ve entered the world, hit pause and move over to the Settings tab, then scroll down to the Help section. About halfway down this screen you’ll see a box marked “Redemption code” where you can type it in, then hit the Claim button underneath. If you get a message saying “The code doesn’t exist” then double-check what you’ve typed, ensuring it matches exactly including any hyphens.
Once you’ve successfully redeemed a Disney Dreamlight Valley code, you simply need to return to your home where you should see a new mail notification above the mailbox outside. Interact with that, and you’ll be taken to a screen with a description of the item – click on the Claim button below, and your reward will be added to your inventory. Congratulations!
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