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Electronic Arts keeps fans informed about when it is shutting down the online services for its games, and three more have been added to the pile.
Gaming giant Electronic Arts has a running list of when it will be shutting down the online services for its older games, and that list has now been updated to include three titles in the Medal of Honor series. Prior to Call of Duty's blockbuster success, Medal of Honor was the premiere World War 2 first-person shooter franchise on the market, though it has largely failed to keep up with the times.
Whereas Call of Duty and Battlefield have been mostly successful transitioning from one console generation to the next, Medal of Honor's glory days peaked with the sixth generation consoles. Three of the more recent entries in the long-running franchise, the 2010 Medal of Honor game (EA erroneously has the game's release year listed as 2011), Medal of Honor: Airborne, and Medal of Honor: Warfighter all earned mixed reviews and failed to generate much interest with first-person shooter fans.
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Medal of Honor: Warfighter from 2012 remains the latest main series release in the franchise, with 2020's Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond releasing on VR and also earning mixed reviews from critics. There's been no indication that EA is planning to continue the series, which may make the shutdown of online services for Medal of Honor, Medal of Honor: Airborne, and Medal of Honor: Warfighter sting even more for anyone that may still be playing these games for lack of new releases. Anyone that enjoys playing these Medal of Honor games online or who wants to experience their online components before they're shut down will need to do so by February 16, 2023.
Admittedly, the closure of Medal of Honor's online services is unlikely to impact all that many gamers, but it may still upset some. It also is another grim reminder of the big downside to online-only multiplayer games, as they all seem to get a point where their services are shut down and their multiplayer becomes completely inaccessible.
EA's big first-person shooter franchises are both struggling right now. Besides the fact that the main series Medal of Honor has been dormant for over a decade at this point, Battlefield's reputation has been damaged by the disastrous launch of Battlefield 2042. DICE has released updates for Battlefield 2042 on a regular basis since the game was first released in an attempt to right the ship, and while its efforts have been commendable, it seems safe to say that many are anxious to move on and hope that the next game in the series is a return to form.
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Source: EA (via Pure Xbox)
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