EA has confirmed that its Marvel deal covers ‘at least 3 action adventure games’ – Video Games Chronicle

It has announced an Iron Man game and a Black Panther one is also reportedly in development
Electronic Arts’ recently announced partnership with Marvel is for “at least” three games, the publisher has said.
EA revealed in September that it had struck a deal to make “several new games” based on Marvel properties, beginning with an Iron Man title from Dead Space remake and Star Wars Squadrons developer Motive Studios.
And in a press release on Monday, it confirmed that the agreement covers “at least three new action adventure games”. Each title will tell an original story set in the Marvel universe and be released for consoles and PC.
“We have been long-time fans of Marvel and their impressive leadership, so this is a remarkable moment for our developers as well as our players and fans,” said EA COO Laura Miele.
“We look forward to welcoming Marvel into the EA family of creators and know this collaboration will produce exceptional experiences for our players. We can’t wait to see players’ reactions when they suit up as Iron Man and do the extraordinary things this Super Hero is known for.”
Motive’s single-player, third-person Iron Man game is in the pre-production phase. Its development team is being led by executive producer Olivier Proulx, who previously worked on Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy at Eidos Montreal.
EA is also reportedly making a single-player, open-world Black Panther game. It was recently claimed that the project is in the early stages of development at a new studio headed by former Monolith Productions boss Kevin Stephens.
Motive’s Dead Space remake will be released in January 2023 for PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC.
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