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We share all we know about the exciting new Elden Ring DLC!
That Elden Ring won Game of the Year at last year's Game Awards (as well as topping many other lists) is no surprise.
The tough Soulsborne, co-written by George RR Martin, was always going to be a contender – but it still managed to surpass all expectations.
Fans who platinumed the game were of course hungry for DLC, and they got that on 7th December last year with Colosseum. However, with the anniversary of its release coming up, is there anything else on the way?
We share all we know below, including rumours and speculations!
Colosseum came out last year, so we've already had a free DLC. And as excellent as it was, with its intense PVP mode, we're just about ready for something else. So, is anything on the cards?
Officially? No, nothing has been announced yet, but we will update this page whenever something is revealed. However, there are a lot of rumours and supposed leaks about – so let's have a look!
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If we look back at past DLCs from FromSoftware, we'll see one of the biggest clues as to when an Elden Ring DLC may drop. With the exception of Sekiro (whose DLC came out 19 months after), previous SoulsBornes have their DLCs within a year of the game's release.
And as we're coming up to the game's one-year-anniversary (25th February), we might hopefully be in for a treat pretty soon – although we have to stress, this is still just speculation.
A few leaks and rumours have suggested the DLC will be called Barbarians of the Badlands. This means that the game might take place in the Badlands, where The Tarnished fell.
Of course, these rumours need to be taken with a pinch of salt, as exciting as they are. We just want to explore new areas of the Lands Between, delve deeper into the lore and, of course, face even more challenging foes.
As soon as anything else comes up, we'll let you know here!
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