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As Epic Games Store releases its newest free mystery game on the service on December 26, the next two days’ worth of games leaks online as well.
The Epic Games Store free mystery game promotion continues on with the release of F.I.S.T.: Forged in Shadow Torch on December 26, as well as the games releases of December 27 and December 28 leaking online. While many fans were unsure of what to expect, the promotion this year has largely focused on solid indie games and AA titles.
The biggest Epic Games Store release for the mystery promotion so far was Death Stranding: Director's Cut, a title released for Christmas Day. It proved so popular that the Epic Games Store crashed, resulting in several being unable to claim it. In the chaos, Epic Games also swapped out the Director's Cut for the standard version of the game. This is unlikely to happen today with F.I.S.T., but stranger things have happened.
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F.I.S.T. is about an anthropomorphic rabbit who uses a giant mechanical fist to liberate Torch City from its robotic oppressors. It's a solid title, one that received generally favorable reviews for its graphics, world, and gameplay (though the PS4 version's reviews trended much lower than its PS5, PC, and Switch counterparts). All in all, it's a solid pick for the Epic Games Store.
According to a new leak, the next two games are Severed Steel and Mortal Shell. All rumors and leaks should be treated as just that and nothing more, but these leaks originate from Billbil-kun. This leaker has made a name for themself when it comes to EGS and PS Plus leaks, with their track record being basically spotless. Taken with a proper grain of salt, it stands to reason these are legitimately the next two games.
Severed Steel bills itself as a unique FPS, one that has a stylish stunt system for movement, completely destructible environments, and a one-armed protagonist; it's interesting, especially for those who may find themselves in an FPS rut. Mortal Shell, meanwhile, is one of many games to embrace the Soulslike genre FromSoftware inspired, and it's one of the most popular non-FromSoft games in the genre. Where it stands out is how players control different "shells" to change their playstyle throughout the game.
Interestingly enough, Billbil-kun has refused to leak the Epic Games Store free mystery game for December 29, saying it's a good franchise up there with Death Stranding. So, while fans have a couple of days to wait and see, it does sound like another juicy game is coming.
Epic Games Store users get a handful of games every month.
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