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By Tanner Dedmon
The Epic Games Store‘s free game event running right now might be giving users one of the store’s biggest games yet on Christmas Day. This giveaway, if it does turn out as people are hoping and expecting, would make it so that a former PlayStation exclusive and one of the most talked about games from 2019 will be free for anyone who has an Epic Games Store account. That free game is none other than Death Stranding, the newest Hideo Kojima game that’s already getting a sequel as well as a movie set within the world of the first game.
News of Death Stranding likely being the next free game in the Epic Games Store’s holiday event comes from the wrapping paper teaser image on the next mystery game. Like the other teasers, it contains a symbol alluding to what the next game is supposed to be. This one shows a necklace with three rectangular objects hanging from it, a necklace which people feel is similar to the one Sam wears in Death Stranding. That image can be seen below along with a vote of confidence from one of Twitter’s best gaming news and deals sources Wario64.
Metro Last Light Redux is free on Epic Games Store for the next 24 hours. Death Stranding is the next free game on Christmas Day https://t.co/sCNJdcED9c pic.twitter.com/wnc7HeyGwe
If that teaser weren’t enough, other assets have supposedly already been found within the Epic Games Store to confirm that Death Stranding will indeed by Christmas Day’s free Epic Games Store game. Images showing the box art for Death Stranding as next in line for Epic Games’ free game giveaway added legitimacy to the claim, and a teaser from the Chinese version of the Epic Games Store supposedly used the “Tomorrow is in your hands” quote often used in the marketing for the game to hype up tomorrow’s free game.
Of course, nothing is confirmed yet until Epic Games officially announces its free game for December 25th, but it’s looking likely it’ll be Death Stranding (the base edition and not the Director’s Cut, according to the leaks). The only other alternative put forward by some is that the game could be Raji: An Ancient Epic which features a necklace that does admittedly look more like the one in the picture, but the leaked assets and a belief that Death Stranding would be a more fitting big-name game for Christmas has led many to stick to their beliefs about Death Stranding being the next free Epic Games Store game.
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