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By Tyler Fischer
It looks like Epic Games Store is bringing back its end-of-the-year promotion back that it does every year to celebrate Christmas and the holidays. In other words, Epic Games Store users are about to get 15 free games in 15 days. More specifically, it looks like the promotion will begin this Thursday, December 15, and run until December 30, giving out at least one free game each day. And if this year’s promotion is as good as previous years, users of the PC digital storefront are going to get several great games. And get them with no strings attached.
If you’re not familiar with the promotion, rather than give out a free game or sometimes a few free games every week, the promotion recycles a game every day, giving subscribers 15 free games in 15 days, at least. Sometimes there are multiple free games given out on any given day during the promotion, but one a day is more common.
At the moment of publishing, Epic Games hasn’t confirmed that the promotion is back, but the actual Epic Games Store digital storefront seems to tease/confirm as much. Unfortunately, right now, not only has none of this been confirmed, but we still don’t know what game will be free on Thursday, potentially kicking off this year’s promotion.
seems to be 15 days of free games coming up on EGS starting next week https://t.co/D0yeVxggzm
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