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Get the latest Every Second Your Neck Grows codes, a Roblox game where you neck just keeps growing! How far will it go?
We've got the new Every Second Your Neck Grows codes here, a Roblox game about seeing just how long you can grow your neck! You'll have to complete challenges, obbies, and races to make sure that your neck grows faster and faster. Will you become the player with the longest neck on the server?
We check for new Every Second Your Neck Grows codes daily – the game is still very new, which means new codes will likely pop up over the next few weeks. Check back to get boosts and other free rewards.
We added a new code on January 15, 2023 for 25k likes. Next code at 30k likes!

20 Neck length, free wins, and a free Rat!
Active (NEW CODE)

25 Neck Length

Free pet & your first wins

Free Shiny Cat

Roblox codes are case-sensitive – this means you need to enter the codes as they appear in the box, copying the capital letters, numbers, and punctuation.
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Codes functionality has been added to the game, here's how to access and redeem those codes.
Code not working? Roblox codes can expire when the developers want to take them down, so make sure to regularly check back for new codes.
These codes are free rewards given out by the developer at Get On The Bus Games. Typically, these codes can be redeemed for boosts in the game (like getting free wins, needed to grow your neck faster), or for free pets that can speed up the growth rate of your neck. We expect new codes will be added for like milestones and other events in game, like content updates.
New codes are usually posted on the game page on Roblox directly, but they are removed whenever a new code is added. For that reason, we've put together this page, so you can always find the old and new codes alike for free goodies.
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