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Funko has announced an “AAA action platformer” in collaboration with developer 10:10 Games. It is led by five-time BAFTA award winner Jon Burton and launch in 2023.
“Creating iconic products that emotionally connect fans to their favorite fandoms is critical to each product portfolio decision,” said Funko CEO Andrew Perlmutter in a press release. “By partnering with 10:10 Games and utilizing the best creators in the business, we will have the talent to deliver games that reflect Funko’s unique look and feel across its lines and varied products.”
10:10 Games design director Arthur Parsons added, “Funko is an iconic brand that truly understands the ingredients it takes to develop a world class video game,. 10:10 Games is thrilled to bring to life a new experience for their fans and video gamers alike.”
With the still untitled release, Funko and 10:10 Games will focus on developing “AAA content” for current and next-generation consoles, and PC. This first game will have “major third-party studio integration” and is expected to be rated “T” for teen by the Entertainment Software Rating Board.
Watch a teaser trailer below.
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