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Game Pass adds three new games to its ever-growing library of titles on October 6, with PC and Xbox Series X owners getting some nice treats.
October is well underway now, meaning Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be getting access to new games every few days, and that is true of October 6 too. In fact, Game Pass is adding a grand total of three games today, with two being additions for PC and the other being for Xbox Series X/S consoles.
Typically, Xbox Game Pass additions are available in at least one of three ways: PC, Cloud, or Console. It's interesting to see how heavy-handed today's additions are. There is no Cloud support today, and today leans heavily toward PC as a whole. No matter what though, there's more coming for those who aren't able to pick up or are simply not interested in today's offerings.
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Xbox Series X/S owners will be able to pick up Medieval Dynasty on Game Pass today, while PC users will be able to pick up the first and second seasons of Telltale's The Walking Dead. It should be noted that Game Pass is not just adding the latter and ignoring other platforms; indeed, The Walking Dead is already available on Xbox Game Pass for consoles. It is just joining PC now.
The Walking Dead games need hardly any introduction, as one of the most popular tv-to-game adaptations out there. It's set in the same zombie apocalypse as the TV show, but tells a completely original story. The first season sees Lee become an adoptive father to the orphaned Clementine, who in turn will eventually take on many adult responsibilities, as a child forced to grow up in a world where death is a daily issue. The second season largely continues that theme as Clementine tries to survive without Lee, but the story would go on for two more beyond that.
Medieval Dynasty bills itself as a survival, town management adventure game where players, as a young and poor man, flee from war and must rise to the occasion, becoming a leader of his community and a founder of a new dynasty. Players will have to defend the town, gather resources, build, survive tough winters, explore the world around them, solve various questlines, and otherwise follow a narrative.
Xbox Game Pass' October 2022 games, releasing over the next week or so, include Costume Quest, Eville, Dyson Sphere Program, and Scorn, so there's more coming if today's offerings don't check off any boxes for subscribers.
Xbox Game Pass subscribers get a handful of games every month.
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