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Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact has just finished up its Special Program for update 3.1, which has a scheduled release date of September 28, 2022, just under two weeks from now.
The stream had a whole bunch of news about what’s coming, including character banners and the surprise announcement of an Ufotable anime series coming in the long-term future. But I know what you’re here for. Gift codes! Like all streams, there are indeed three gift codes you can redeem here, which will get you 300x Primogems total, along with some other bonus rewards. They only last a day, so redeem them quickly:

I’ve confirmed all three of those, so make sure you have them entered right. As for the other aspects of the stream, here are the upcoming 3.1 character banners, which will feature new Sumeru characters that have been shown off in the past:

So that’s three more Genshin Impact heroes joining up from Sumeru, so start saving your Primogems now, if you haven’t already. There are also a ton of live events coming in 3.1, which is no big surprise given how many of those we get every patch.
The two other big announcements are that a collectible card game is coming as a permanent addition to Genshin Impact, a Hearthstone-like battler where heroes turn into cards and fight with one another. They say there will be no gameplay rewards from PvP, and you can earn all cards in-game, but there’s no telling how this may end up being monetized.
Card Game
The second announcement is a new animated series from animation studio Ufotable, hailed as a “long term project.” Ufotable is currently most well-known for its work on Demon Slayer, the smash-hit anime with some of the best animation in the business. A preview was shown that was mostly made up of in-game environments, and it did look quite pretty. But we have no timeline on when this project may arrive, though Hoyoverse promises it will not impact work on the game.
Pretty eventful stream, given that the last one was the 3.0 Sumeru full preview. Genshin Impact just keeps getting bigger, and we’ll see how all of these updates work in practice when the patch arrives in two weeks or so.
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