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By Nicholas Tan
Goose Goose Duck codes are tough to hunt down. Gaggle Studios doesn’t hand out codes very often, and when they do, they’re snatched up fast. Here’s the current codes list for Goose Goose Duck and how to redeem codes in the game.
At the time of this writing, there are sadly no working Goose Goose Duck codes.
Some of these codes are actually given out as part of a purchase for, say, some cosmetic items like an in-game plushie. Purchasers will receive the cosmetic as a code through an email and then have to redeem it through the official site or the game itself (instructions in the next section).
Otherwise, codes are fairly rare. SteelSeries had a free code giveaway for a skin back in November 2021, but that’s all we could really find. We’ve even tried lists from supposedly working codes from other places, but none of them worked. Perhaps with the surging popularity of the game on Steam, we’ll see more codes with freebies in the near future through Goose Goose Duck’s official Twitter account.
It’s not obvious how to redeem Goose Goose Duck codes in the game since they’re not done through the Settings menu, so here’s how to do that:
For more guides on Goose Goose Duck, here is how to play the game as well as a full list of roles in the game.
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