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A new job post from developer Guerrilla Games revealed the studio is working on an online game set in the world of Horizon
The online game will feature a “new cast of characters and a unique stylized look, friends will be able to explore the majestic wilds of Horizon together.”
The studio is creating a new internal team in Amsterdam and is hiring for people to work on a single-player Horizon game, online Horizon game, and another team to work on an external project.
Join Guerrilla in Amsterdam as we work to expand the world of Horizon

It’s an exciting time to join us! We have many open roles across multiple departments, so check them out on our Careers page and apply today!https://t.co/G9tvnSkQQQ pic.twitter.com/Xqab1JGabV
Here is the list of job openings at Guerrilla Games:
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Not surprising really. Sony has given the online treatment like this with a lot of AAA games, from Uncharted to TLoU. It was just a matter of time.
Wawesome stuff!
Hopefully Guerilla goes back to the world of Killzone after a couple of Horizon projects!

A new i.p woudnt hurt either!

Horizon is turning into quite a franchise!

That call of the mountain VR game looks exquisite!
DLC, VR and online (that matches their strategy of GAAS releases until 2025 or something like that). But the way it is worded there seems to be already preparing for HF3.
Guerilla is pretty big so they can do multiple projects at the same time. This could be an interesting side project.
It is 3 projects already mentioned there, the Online, supporting the VR title, the DLC and considering the end of HFW I believe a third installment is on the way. Would just hope that they have another IP (new would be my preference but could accept another try on Killzone).
Please just don’t look like Fortnite with this new "Unique stylized look". I get that it will be much lower budget and will look nothing like the main game but still, avoid being cartoony.
And just like that, GAAS are not evil anymore. At least this means that Sony fans will finally stop going into every single article about a multiplayer game to demonize it. I mean, one can hope but I’m not holding my breath. Heck, I can already picture some users with using their classic line: "Yeah, but Sony does it well".
Sounds weird. I could see there being interest in an online game, but why does it have "a unique stylised look"?
Because playstation wants that art award at the game awards
Probably to help reduce lag in mp.
Maybe they are calling HFW unique stylised already not that they are going to change. But making the game lighter for MP would make sense, perhaps even a battle royale (even though I don’t really want them to go there).
Fuck gamepass its making every company now release Gaas games :-/
Sony has talked about expanding their GaaS output, while increasing their output of SP games, for a while now.
Well since every a-aa game that doesnt go to xbox is Sony’s doing going by what Don and a few other Sony fans like to try say you looked in the Ps thread and the articles so you know what im on about.. Now all Sonys Gass games are also Ms and Gamepass doing 😛 .I mean remember how GP would mean all games where going to be GaaS well here is your results :-P. Funny how sony has more GaaS games coming and announced then Ms does. fuck gamepass for making Sony need to do this.
Sony’s doing GaaS because the model is in vogue with consumers, can aid in retaining consumers, and a potential good source of income for a studio who manages to stick it.

I don’t think it should matter though: as I said, Sony have already revealed that they are looking to increase their SP output over what they currently do.

As you can see, Sony have already shown that by FY2025 they are looking to have an output where SP are higher than previously in addition to more GaaS titles. So, even if you don’t like GaaS, you aren’t suddenly getting less traditional games from Sony.
Who was the sony fan that scarred you for life?

99% your comments are complaining about sony fans or provoking sony fans, sony fans this, sony fans that, hey sony fans i am going to play this on pc look at me sony fans ahahah
Id like to know who the Xbox fan was that scarred you for life as 99% of your comments are complaining about xbox and their fans 😉 if you dont see how the post is sarcasm in return to another sarcasm post 😛 .
I am complaining about you in the post before, ate you a xbox fan lmao
This post confuses me.. You ate an xbox fan?. What did he taste like 😀 😀 .
Salty as fuck
The lots of salt going around lately 😛
After this year they taste extra salty
Need some ketchup to add to the salt even more ketchup to get rid of the salty taste as more Sony games come to pc 😉 .
I know you like to post that to try to see some ps fans upset, i see you in the ps thread trying , but no one gives a shit , i dont give a shit and you are wasting your time😭
I have to laugh at this. You call xbox fans salty yet when i post how ill be playing or buying them xbox games on PC they dont act salty at all about it. Your first reply to me here was im triggering Sony fans by saying ill play their games on Pc. Who does that tell you is more salty you or them?.
Reading comprehension is the ability to read a text and understand its meaning.
That is because you can’t understand sarcasm.
I understand sarcasm. However when does something turn from sarcasm to not being sarcasm?. Maybe when its posted everytime a small game is announced?.
Something from sarcasm to not being sarcasm when no sarcasm is intended.
Unless Sony have duplicated their workforce in the last 2 years, it will be interesting to see how they manage to release 10 GAAS in the next 2 years "while also increasing their output of SP games".
It’s called moneyhatting
Considering a lot of their studios have expanded, they’ve acquired news ones, and they publish titles they own from external studios, it’s not going to be that difficult.
Like twintail said, that’s why Bungie and all those other studio acquisitions were made by Sony and then when you add to that all the internal expansion and growth along with the use of external contractors for content, it becomes clear that they have prepared and we should also remember that whether it be Sony MS or Nintendo most product planning and implementation is underway a long time before we the public get to read about it on sites like this.
That is something we are all curious about.
This could be good. The core combat and world of Horizon can be good. It’s the dialogue and campaign design that slog it down. An online co-op type game can remove those shitty elements.
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