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What’s the coolest thing about ludo? Simple, that it’s made in India! Yes, you read that right. A version of ludo also finds mention in the great Indian epic, the Mahabharata. A favorite game of the royalty, especially the kings, this game has been played in every household of India and world-wide.
 Popular for its thrill and chance, as some would say, but in reality, ludo is a game of strategy and planning. Now, the online versions have made it even more interesting because you can now win the game and real cash too! Want to know how? Continue reading to know more!
About the Ludo Game
It’s your casual board game played between two to four players. All players have their respective coloured houses with 4 pawns each. To win, a player must move all its pawns to home and get the maximum points. The online versions of ludo are much faster and offer only a limited number of turns. This makes the game more fun and exciting.
 Where to play ludo game?
If you want to play ludo online, you can download any of the top ludo apps for iOs and android.
●      Download the Rush App if you want to win cash and play ludo game online.
●      It is available for both iOs and android.
●      Speed ludo, as the name suggests is a fast and fun ludo online game where you can show off your skills and earn real money.
●      The more you win, the more you can earn.
●      These are other interesting games in the Rush Gaming Universe such as Carrom Freestyle, Call Break, Fruit Fight, Brick Smash, Disc Football and more.
 Download and play ludo game now!
 Why play ludo game on Rush?
Play speed ludo and earn money on the Rush App. There’s more.
Play ludo online: Restore the good old board gaming fun online with speed ludo on Rush by Hike.
Best free ludo app: Play your casual board games online, absolutely FREE.
Play and win money: Put your gaming skills to test and earn like crazy.
Real players: No bots or tricks, show off your real skills.
Win money & daily rewards: Withdraw winnings instantly into your UPI account.
Referral & membership perks: It’s as exciting as it sounds and equally rewarding.
All-in-one: Not just ludo game, play Call Break, Fruit Fight, Quizzy, Carrom & many more.
Popular games: You’ll want, we’ll get. You can always vote for your favorites on the app.
24*7 customer support: Always got your back at [email protected]
How to play ludo game online?
You get 50 turns in a match.
Your pawn moves forward based on the number that appears on the cube.
1 tile moved = 1 point.
If you land on a tile occupied by your opponent, you kill their pawn and absorb its score. The killed pawn goes back to its starting position.
When pawns reach home, their scores are multiplied – 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x for the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th pawn, respectively.
If >=2 pawns of one color are on the same tile, they create a safe zone and cannot be killed.
You get an extra cube roll if you get a 6 on the cube or your pawn reaches home or you kill an opponent’s pawn.
9. The player with the highest score wins the game.
10. The match ends when all 4 pawns of any player reach home or the timer expires, or
      50 turns are over, whichever is earlier. 
How to play ludo game online & earn money?
If you want to create a parallel source of earnings by playing ludo online, you are in for a treat. If you play on the Rush Gaming App, you get:
●      Real cash: You play the game, you earn cash.
●      Daily rewards & bonuses: To help you win more, you get daily cash and bonuses.
●      Withdraw the money earned: Withdraw winnings instantly into your UPI account.
●      Real competition: The app has no bots, only real players.
 More about the Rush App
●      It is RNG-certified: RNG or Random Number Generator-certified means that the game platform is completely random and unbiased. As a result, all players win using only their skills.
●      No cheating or fraud on the platform: Cheating is not tolerated on Rush. Users guilty of cheating are blocked from playing games and withdrawing cash. They also lose their wallet balance and winnings from the games where they cheated.
Download and play ludo game now!
How to win while playing ludo game online?
To win ludo, follow these interesting tricks.
●      Keep moving all your pawns. Never keep them stationary.
●      Never use all your big numbers on only one pawn.
●      Never leave a chance to kill an opponent’s pawns.
●      Always try to block an opponent’s pawns.
●      Try to create shield tiles with two or more of your pawns.
●      Always prioritize the pawn with the maximum points.
●      Risk only the pawns that have lower points.
●      Follow the seven step rule, which is while moving a pawn, strategise for the seven steps an opponent can take towards you.
●      Don’t leave the game thinking you will lose as the game can change its course anytime for anyone.
How to download ludo game online?
To play speed ludo online, download the Rush app:
●      Download ludo game on Android:
If you are using a desktop/laptop, enter your phone number to get a download link via sms.
Tap on the link to download and open the .apk file.
If you are using a mobile device, tap on the ‘Download Rush App’ button.
Tap to open the file.
Click ‘Install’. If you see a warning, visit ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Allow from this source’.
Sign up on Rush by entering your mobile number and 4-digit OTP received.
Set your Rush Avatar using a selfie or choose from the gallery.
Claim your Sign-up bonus and start playing!
●      Download ludo game on iOS:
Visit the App Store.
Search for ‘Rush – Play Games, Win Cash’.
Tap on the ‘Get’ icon.
Sign up on Rush by entering your mobile number and 4-digit OTP received.
Set your Rush Avatar using a selfie or choose from the gallery.
Claim your Sign-up bonus and start playing!
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Why is Speed Ludo on Rush better than all other online Ludo games?
Because it’s nothing like other ludo apps online. Speed Ludo is fast, furious & free ludo!
Real Players: There are, and there will be no bots ever!
Real Cash: Put your skills and spare time to good use.
Can I play Ludo online and win cash for free?
Of course! All you need to do is score more than your opponents within 10 minutes, & the winning amount will be credited to your Rush wallet as soon as you win.
Play and earn real cash via ludo game online. Download now!
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