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When you shop online, sometimes you can score offers to redeem a gift card or code and add it to your Microsoft account. Have an old Xbox Live Gold code or membership gift card you want to redeem? Microsoft has you covered. Xbox Live Gold codes or gift cards are automatically converted to the equivalent value in Xbox Game Pass. See Microsoft’s conversion table for more information.
redeem a gift cardAnd depending on your user level (Level 2 is the highest), you can also get significant Microsoft Rewards point discounts to use to buy gift cards that you can use towards buying physical Microsoft products, like the Surface Pro 9 or Xbox Series S|X.
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Xbox gift cards or Microsoft product key codes are typically 25 characters long and include both numbers and letters. Regardless if the gift card or code is for Xbox or Microsoft 365  To redeem a gift card or code, follow these steps:
To check if you already redeemed a code, check your Microsoft account order history. If you want to activate a Microsoft 365 or Office-related product key code, you need to use a slightly different method.
To activate a Microsoft 365 product code or license key, follow these steps:
If the system can’t find your code, visit the Troubleshooting section for additional Microsoft support.
Another way you can redeem a gift card or code is by using the Microsoft Store on Windows 11. Here’s what you need to do.
There are 3 things that may happen after you redeem a gift card or code:
Keep in mind, these steps will likely change once Microsoft migrates from using the Office app installer to the new Microsoft 365 app. Microsoft 365 updated its online web experience as of November 2022, but the app redesign won’t happen until January 2023.
Once released, the new Microsoft 365 app may change the way you redeem a gift card or code. But until that time, you can continue to use this method.
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