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Diablo Immortal follows similar aspects of mobile gaming that gamers have likely seen in other popular franchises. For starters, the game is free to play. Anyone with the minimum hardware can boot up Diablo Immortal and join other players fighting demons, and farming for loot.
Secondly, there are various items and cosmetics that players can purchase and a Battle Pass. Fans should consider purchasing the Battle Pass for bonus rewards that the free path doesn’t reward.
Lastly, Diablo Immortal also has in-game codes that can be redeemed. They’re unique to the game, though currently, none exist at this point.
There are two ways players can go about redeeming codes for Diablo Immortal: while playing the game or using Blizzard’s website, However, the latter requires that the player’s account is linked to their Diablo Immortal account to receive the gifts.
Whether gamers are playing on PC or mobile, these steps apply to all three platforms. Here’s what players do to redeem codes in-game:
Once the code is redeemed, players will have to check their mail to receive their gifts or access their inventory. It depends on how the gift is delivered.
There is also an alternative way to redeem codes in Diablo Immortal related to However, this method only applies if a player’s account is linked to their game account. Otherwise, the gifts won’t apply to the correct account. Here are the necessary steps:
It’s important to remember that some codes might be limited to a single character and not account-wide. This means that, depending on the gift, it may only apply to a specific character. As of right now, there aren’t any codes for players to redeem that fall in either category. Just remember to read the fine print before expending a one-time-only code.
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