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This guide focuses on how to redeem codes in Pokemon Go, Redeeming promo codes on Pokemon GO is super simple, you only need to do a few simple steps. To redeem promotional codes on iOS in Pokemon Go, you need to visit the Official Niantic Rewards Website. You cannot really redeem current Pokemon GO promo codes via the app itself on iOS devices.
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The aforementioned method works on Android devices as well, though Android players can indeed input Pokemon Go promo codes into their phones if they so choose. If players cannot find that option, they do have the ability to head over to the Pokemon GO Official Website and enter promo codes from there. Players who cannot find an option to redeem codes at a store have the alternate option to go to the Pokemon GO website. Players looking to enter promo codes into Pokemon GO will have to head over to the promos section.
Whenever you have a code that you would like to use for a free item in Pokemon Go, you will have to head over to Niantic’s offer redemption site in order to redeem it. To redeem your Pokemon Go Code, you will need to go to the Niantic Rewards Website, sign in using the same credentials that you used to sign in to your Pokemon GO account, and enter your Offer Code. Log in, enter the code, and once redeemed, you will receive a prompt within Pokemon Go containing your items. You can also redeem these within Pokemon Go if you do not want to use the Pokemon GO redeem site.
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To redeem, open the Shop section in the Pokemon Go app and tap on the Scan QR Code button. At this time, there are no codes redeemable that’ll give you any free coins inside of Pokemon Go either. If you cannot get access to the web interface for any reason, if you are an iOS user then the website is your only way, you can sign in to the game using your account on an Android device and redeem codes this way.
No matter what method you are using, you can type in any active working promo code to redeem free items within the game. To redeem promo codes on Android in Pokemon Go, the process is simple; tap on the Pokeball menu in the main map screen, followed by the Store, and swipe to the right at the bottom to see the input box in which you can enter your code. Follow us to learn how to redeem Pokemon Go codes, which can be traded for Pokemon balls, rebirths, Berries, Egg Incubators, Lucky Eggs, and other exclusive items.
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