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Genshin Impact 2.7 live stream has dropped three new redemption codes for viewers. Each of these codes will grant viewers 100 Primogems, meaning that they can get 300 Primogems by collecting and redeeming all three codes.
The codes were released at random intervals during the special program, and players might not catch all of them. This article will list all the new redeem codes for May 2022 from the live stream and how to redeem them for various rewards.
As the Genshin Impact 2.7 live stream has finally ended, the community has managed to spot all three new redemption codes:
Remember that these codes will only last for at least 12 hours after being released. Players who claim the codes after that time frame may not be able to get the free Primogem rewards.
There are two methods fans can choose to redeem their codes, through the official website or from the in-game. Both methods are viable and can be used to claim the rewards fast.
The first method could be the easiest way to claim rewards from the codes. Like any other game, the developers have created a dedicated website for Genshin Impact.
Aside from the official notice and character introduction, they also included a code redemption page, where players can freely enter any available code to get the rewards.
Players can also use an alternative method to claim their rewards, and that is by opening the game. While this method is longer than the previous one, gamers can instantly claim Primogems from their in-game mail. Follow the steps below to redeem the live stream codes:
All the rewards from the redemption codes will be sent to players via in-game mail and they will stay for a month. It is worth noting that players need to be above Adventure Rank 10 to access the redeem code feature in the game.
The 2.7 live stream feeds a lot of information to the community, readying them for what to expect in the new addition after the maintenance update on May 31.
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