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iiRcade is a home arcade cabinet/console for which gamers can legally purchase hundreds of classic arcade games. Sales are infrequent on the platform, which makes this week's sale all the more special. Right now, iiRcade has knocked 30 percent off of tons of games, including over 40 co-op classics! It's a great time to pick up games like Warrior Blade: Rastan Saga III, Elevator Action Returns, The Combatribes, and many more.
The following co-op iiRcade games are on sale at iiRcade.com through Friday, October 28:
Warrior Blade iiRcade
All games listed above feature 2-player local co-op, and some, like Warrior Blade, Out Zone, and Combatribes also support online multiplayer. Warrior Blade (pictured above), the third game in Taito's Rastan series, is a beautiful fantasy-themed beat 'em up that can't be bought on any other platforms. See our co-op review for more details.
iiRcade fans should hurry and grab up the sale games they want before October 28. At that time, a different batch of games will apparently go on sale. Note that it's possible to buy games from the iiRcade store even before you have an iiRcade cabinet, so new cabinet buyers can still take advantage of the sale while waiting for their machines to arrive.
All iiRcade cabinets include 64-128 GB of built-in storage, a 19-inch monitor, 100W stereo speakers, Wi-Fi 5, Bluetooth, HDMI output, and 11 pre-installed games, including the co-op classics Double Dragon and Gunbird. Additional classic arcade games and modern indie games are available to purchase as well. To browse cabinet designs, visit iiRcade.com.
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