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Lectra – an industry leader in the fashion, automotive and furniture markets – has announced that the annual ideation Conference will be on the road for the first year since acquiring Gerber Technology.
According to Lectra, as the industry faces macroeconomic issues from supply chain disruption to rising inflation, ideation will make way for expert insights and commentary that can shape the ideas and strategies, for digital transformation that will fuel the industry forward.
With the dramatic shift towards e-commerce, social media and even live-streamed selling, brands, retailers and manufacturers have had to rethink the way they sell, develop and manufacture their collections in a new direct-to-consumer approach.
“Today, more than ever, the fashion industry relies on digital transformation to keep pace with consumer demand and manage the ever-evolving supply chain challenges we face globally,” commented Leonard Marano, President of Americas at Lectra, adding, “Lectra continues to lead the conversation surrounding industry 4.0 technology and its potential to disrupt, innovate and improve our industry – ideation is the perfect place to have that discussion.”
Since Lectra’s 2021 acquisition of Gerber Technology, this year’s ideation event will highlight the unified brands, the current interoperability and what’s coming in the future.
Through ideation on the road, there will be more opportunities (as Lectra says) that feature industry-leading discussions involving stakeholders from brands like PVH, Walmart and Victoria’s Secret among others.
Lectra’s solution, Retviews, will be showcased at the ideation, highlighting how brands can easily assess their market and better gauge supply chain issues, to offer consumers what they want while predicting the market’s available stocks and prices.
In addition to Retviews, this year’s ideation event will include On-demand and optimised cutting room solutions that will showcase right from the initial design to the final product. Through Lectra’s solutions, such as Fashion On Demand by Lectra, Kubix Link, Gerber AccuMark, and Quick and Flex Offer by Lectra, merchandisers and e-commerce managers will gain insight into how to succeed in a world where planning is facing headwinds.
Special announcements and the latest product releases will also be shared, including the new Gerber AccuMark v15.1, Kubix Link, Gerber YuniquePLM and Cloud Nesting, as shared by Lectra in its press release.
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