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Magic Online Daybreak Transfer
Tomorrow, October 18, Magic Online will be making the shift from Wizards of the Coast’s servers to Daybreak Games’. This is the last step in a process that’s taken the bulk of a year and is intended to make sure the game can keep going and growing.
For players, however, it’s not just a matter of letting the devs switch things on and off. Those who want to keep playing will need to do a bit of work on their end in order to do so. According to the “transition details” post on the game’s site, players will need to uninstall the old client, wait for the transition to come to an end, and then download the new client via the website. If someone tries to launch the game during downtime, it will remind them to uninstall the old client.
The post also lists some important things to know about the transfer. It should take about eight to ten hours (unless there are issues). When service does return, everything should work as intended. Players’ cards, decks, and everything else will be transferred. Casual games will be available immediately after the downtime ends. Other things, such as scheduled events and leagues, may take a bit longer.
Players will be able to ‘work together to make their mark in this incredible world’.
And there are keys to be had.
During the event, players get bonus rewards for exploring specific areas.
Preseason will have various awards, shops, Racing Passes, and much more.
The currently-titled Project LLL is scheduled to release in 2024.
There’s some awesome looking skins in here if you want a retro feel.
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