Mega Man-like side-scroller action game Super Alloy Ranger now … – GamingOnLinux

Enjoy games similar to Mega Man? Like running and gunning? Super Alloy Ranger looks interesting and they recently put up a Native Linux version too. The update on January 5th added support for Linux, macOS, added 50 new achievements, new Steam community items and plenty of optimization too.
“Utilize various movement techniques to conquer the challenging levels; running, jumping, dashing, mid-air dash, wall climbing and double jumps. Use them wisely to track down the wanted criminal; this could be in sunken cities, the freezing Sea of Frost, the endless Abyssal Mines and many more places. Whatever it takes, you will find out the truth and head back with victory!”
Game Features:
At time of writing it has a Very Positive user rating so it seems like it could be worth your time, although it has mostly flown under the radar with only 110 user reviews on Steam. For gamers who love these retro-fuelled fast-paced run and gun action platformers I must say it does look pretty good!
Find it available on Steam.


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