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Mageseeker, yet another League of Legends spin-off project, appears to be in development through the Riot Forge partnership program.
Riot Games appears to have another League of Legends spin-off title in the works after a new game named Mageseeker leaked via South Korea's video game ratings board. While Riot's internally-developed games have been notoriously slow to come to fruition, its Riot Forge publishing arm is picking up speed. Multiple games, branded with the A League of Legends Story subtitle, have been reported on in recent months. Mageseeker is just the latest example of League of Legends' continued expansion.
Only two A League of Legends Story releases have been launched from Riot Forge, to be fair. Both arrived in November 2021. They are Ruined King and Hextech Mayhem, a turn-based RPG from Airship Syndicate and a rhythm game from Choice Provisions. Both games received mixed reviews, in part due to both titles struggling to fit into and make sense of the greater League of Legends setting and its characters. But that hasn't slowed Riot's efforts.
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The newest game spinning off from League of Legends appears to be named Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story. The description found on the South Korean games rating board's website refers to it as an action game with the character Sylas as its protagonist, a former Mageseeker. It was given a rating for 12-year-olds and older, implying it features somewhat mature content not unlike League of Legends and other spin-offs.
Unfortunately, no other information is available regarding Mageseeker. With no developer known for the project, it's difficult to gauge the style or scope of the project. The name of the game, Mageseeker, perhaps implies the game is a prequel story regarding Sylas prior to the events of League of Legends. He once was a Mageseeker, after all, but following a tragic accident was left seeking to escape the Mageseekers he was once a part of.
While the leak from South Korea's ratings board is about as official as unofficial reveals get, a full reveal should be expected before considering Mageseeker a planned full release from Riot Forge. When that announcement could come is a mystery. That it has already received a rating could mean the game is closer to launch than might otherwise be expected, though. If Riot announces an event in the coming months, keep an eye out for Mageseeker's reveal.
Mageseeker isn't the only League of Legends spin-off currently in development. There's also Song of Nunu, an action-adventure game from Rime and Gylt developer Tequila Works, and Conv/rgence, a 2D action-plaformer from Speed Brawl developer Double Stallion. Expect to hear more about these Riot Forge partner-developed games in the relatively near future.
Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story is believed to be in development.
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