New Open-World Root Game Details Revealed –

By Christian Hoffer
Leder Games has confirmed that a long-gestating open-world game set in the world of Root is still on the way. Dicebreaker provided additional details about the new game, tentatively titled Path, after speaking to Root designer Cole Wehrle at PAX Unplugged. While most open-world games are campaign-style games that take dozens of hours to complete, Path is intended to be completed in just a couple of hours. Dicebreaker also reported that Path has been in development since before Root and the animals from Root were originally designed with Path in mind. Path is being designed by Patrick Leder, founder of Leder Games. 
Leder Games first provided details about Path back in 2019, noting that the game focuses on the Vagabonds, one of the factions from Root. The game will feature the Vagabonds exploring a new frontier, gaining fame and in the process getting new ways to score victory points. While Leder Games said that Path would likely not be revealed until 2020, it’s been over 3 years since we last had an update.
Root is an award-winning asymmetric board game featuring a number of factions vying for control of the Woodlands. Each player controls a single woodland faction with its own abilities and endgoals. Some players vie for military domination, while other factions play as insurgents or as lone wolfs. Part war game, part resource management system, Root was a major force in the board game industry in 2018, picking up multiple rewards and high praise from veteran gamers for its high replayability. A number of expansions have since been released, with a tabletop roleplaying game released in 2021 by Magpie Games. A digital game is also available.
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