New PlayStation Game for PC Seemingly Teased by Developer –

By Logan Moore
It looks like PlayStation‘s next major game for PC has been teased by one prominent developer. As 2022 has continued onward, Sony has continued to bring some of its biggest titles like God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection, and Sackboy: A Big Adventure to PC. And while it stands to reason that Sony will only continue to double-down on PC moving into 2023, we now have a better idea of one PS5 and PS4 title that soon could head to the platform. 
In a discussion with GT Planet, Polyphony Digital president Kazunori Yamauchi teased that the Gran Turismo series could head to PC in the future. Although Yamauchi didn’t outright state that this is something that will be happening, the longtime creator of the popular racing series said that it’s something that is being considered within Polyphony Digital. 
“Yes, I do think so,” Yamauchi said plainly when asked about Gran Turismo coming to PC. “Gran Turismo is a very finely tuned title. There are not many platforms which could run the game in 4K/60p natively, so one way we make that possible is to narrow down the platform. It’s not a very easy subject, but of course, we are looking into it and considering it.”
If Gran Turismo did make its way to PC, the latest installment in the series, Gran Turismo 7, is surely the game that would end up being ported over. For the most part, GT7 was well-received by both critics and fans when it launched earlier this year. Since that time, some have been asking for PlayStation to next bring the game to PC. While it remains to be seen if this will actually come to fruition, the fact that Yamauchi has expressed interest in the idea makes it seem like an excellent possibility.
Would you be interested in seeing Gran Turismo 7 come to PC in the future? And what other PlayStation titles do you expect to see land on the platform as we head into next year? Be sure to share your own thoughts with me either down in the comments or send me a message on Twitter at @MooreMan12.
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