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One Xbox Game Pass horror game changes up its release date, allowing fans to get hands on it a little bit sooner than originally planned.
Xbox Game Pass is constantly adding new games, but October is a special month as many celebrate all things spooky and horror oriented, including games. There are plenty of classic horror games to replay, but it's always nice to celebrate with something else. Many Xbox Game Pass users will be able to play Scorn this October, day one on the service.
Originally, Scorn was scheduled to release on October 21, but that's now been moved up a week. Scorn is billed as an "atmospheric first-person horror adventure game set in a nightmarish universe of odd forms and somber tapestry." Players have to remain aware of their own bodies, the entire world around them, and more, as there is no sympathy for those who miss a key detail.
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Developer Ebb Software and Publisher Kepler Interactive have announced Scorn's new release date as October 14, although the companies do not dive into why it changed the release date. All the small trailer indicates is fans have waited long enough, so it's likely that the logistics just lined up in a way that the companies could get it in fans' hands sooner.
During our preview of Scorn, we wrote that its 45-minute prologue "establish[es] that the game’s Giger inspirations are on point and the gameplay does not fall into the typical horror mold. Ebb Software no doubt wants to unnerve its players but in ways that make sense for this world."
Of course, it's far from the only game coming to Xbox Game Pass in October. Aside from Scorn, fans can expect Coral Island and Eville on October 11, Dyson Sphere Program on October 13, A Plague Tale: Requiem on October 18, Norco on October 20, Persona 5 Royal on October 21, Gunfire Reborn on October 27, and Signalis on October 27. Of these, Scorn is not the only game perfect for the upcoming spooky season.
As a franchise, A Plague Tale has never been full-blown horror, but it definitely creeps close to it. The Requiem sequel is highly anticipated and perfectly complements Scorn's addition to Xbox Game Pass. At the same time, Signalis is a survival-horror game, and that ups the ante all the more. What's clear is that, while the verdict is still out on many of these games, Xbox Game Pass is doing Halloween right.
Scorn releases October 24, 2022, for PC and Xbox Series X/S.
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