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Nintendo Switch Online offers a free game trial, giving players an opportunity play UNO for free and earn some Platinum Points to boot.
Nintendo Switch Online is offering a new free game trial, giving players the opportunity to try UNO at no cost. Any member with a subscription to the service will be able to take advantage of this trial, but players will need to act quickly, as it won't last long.
UNO, the popular tabletop card game, has seen several digital releases over the years on a myriad of platforms. Whether a player has tried Ubisoft's UNO before or not, this free trial will be a good opportunity to get some frantic card game fun in with friends.
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Starting on January 24 at 10 am PT and running through January 29 at 11:59 pm PT, players can download and play the full Switch UNO game at zero additional cost. Players will also be rewarded with 100 MyNintendo Platinum Points, which can be redeemed for a variety of rewards. As an added perk, if players enjoy UNO, they can pick up the full title at the completion of the trial for 60% off the usual price.
However, reports arose earlier this month that UNO for the Switch is going through a rough spot. According to some players, a recent update has changed some core mechanics of the title, and players have to sign up for an Ubisoft Connect account to play online. There have also been reports regarding matchmaking issues, broken reactions, DLC problems, and difficulty with lag between turns.
Nintendo Switch Online subscriptions allow players to access a library of games for free, though the majority of them are NES and SNES titles that have been ported to the system. The gradual addition of new games has pleased players, but it's a far cry from other monthly subscription services like Xbox Game Pass or PS Plus. Free game trials like this one are occasionally offered by Nintendo, but they're not as regular as some other services. However, Nintendo Switch Online is also a significantly less expensive service than those of other platforms, so many players don't find issue with this.
For those who don't already own UNO and are interested in playing it on other platforms, other consoles will also be offering a free trial period for the game. PS4, PS5, and PC players can access the title up until January 26 for free as well. For those who were looking for something fun and affordable to play with friends this weekend, UNO is worth a look.
UNO is available now for Luna, PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.
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