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Get new cards by using these codes!
The first steps of every new player in Pokemon TCG Live are very hard, and it’s because there are only a few cards and decks to play with. Even when the game gifts you some cool decks, if you want a specific card, you’ll have to grind enough Credits to craft it.
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But of course, there’s a way to skip all of this Credit grinding, and it’s through the Product Code Cards. So, if you pulled a great card you bought through a card set and want to bring it into action in Pokemon TCG Live, the only way to do it is by redeeming its Code Card.
The best way to get Code Cards is by buying official Pokemon TCG products. Every official product comes with a Code Card, which you can use to claim their respective items on Pokemon TCG Live. You can buy Decks, Booster Packs, Tins, Battle Boxes, etc. This is up to you!
Depending on the product you buy, you'll get different rewards after redeeming a Code Card. Here's a list of what you can get depending on the product you buy:
Note that you can only get four copies of any card except Basic Energies. After getting a fifth copy of a card, instead of the card itself, you'll get Credits, which will help you to craft more unique cards!
You can redeem as many Code Cards as you want, but be careful, as every product has a specific soft limit. After surpassing the soft limit, you'll get Coins instead of cards, meaning you can be wasting your Code Cards on a resource you can easily get by playing.
So, here's a small list of the soft limits you'll see depending on the product you are trying to redeem:
If you have a webcam or are playing on an Android or iOS device, you can scan the QR Code of the Code Card instead of typing it in the "Enter Your Code" box.
To do it, head to the Shop and then go to the "Redeem" tab, but instead of typing your code, aim your camera directly at the QR Code. After doing it, you have to click the "Submit Code" Button and then click on "Collect All."
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