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Ahead of their anticipated reveal on November 30, the PlayStation Plus free games for December 2022 leak online, including a full, beloved trilogy.
PS Plus subscribers still have some time to claim the currently available games, with the PS Plus free games for November 2022 including Nioh 2, the LEGO Harry Potter Collection, and Heavenly Bodies, while the Extra and Premium games are around for the long run. The next set of free titles is expected to be revealed on November 30 and released on December 6, but they have leaked online ahead of reveal.
This information comes way of Dealabs user Billbil-Kun, who has accurately leaked the PS Plus games for months now. They've also leaked games for other services like the Epic Games Store, and according to this user, the Epic Games Store Mystery Game promotion is returning in December 2022. This should just be treated as a rumor now, but given that Billbil-kun's track record is impeccable, it is more trustworthy than most leaks on the internet.
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According to Billbil-Kun, the PS Plus free games for December 2022 will include Mass Effect: Legendary Edition, Biomutant, and Divine Knockout. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition needs no introduction, including improved versions of the original trilogy, and essentially turning this selection of three free games into five. Mass Effect only comes in a native PS4 version, with the other two available in PS4 and PS5 versions.
Biomutant is a martial arts-focused, post-apocalyptic open-world RPG. Biomutant reviews are generally fair or average, though a few reviews trend downward. The game currently has a 76 Top Critic Average on OpenCritic. Meanwhile, Divine Knockout bills itself as a third-person platforming fighting game, with 3v3 serving as its base mode but supporting others, evolving battlegrounds, and more. It's the most obscure game included here, but one worth checking out for PS Plus subscribers if nothing else.
Of course, while the PS Plus free games remain as popular as ever, subscribers are also looking forward to what Extra and Premium games come to the service in December 2022. These are unknown for now, but given the traditional cadence of reveals and releases, fans can expect to see what these games are in about two weeks or so, with them coming shortly after the reveal. No matter what though, the current PS Plus leak suggests that Sony is ending the year with a bang instead of a whimper, as it did in December 2021.
PS Plus subscribers get a handful of games every month.
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