Reliance Jiobook 4G Laptop: The Complete Buyer’s Guide


The Reliance conglomerate’s telecom division, Jio, has introduced the JioBook, a thin laptop with 4G connectivity. Jio has formally entered a new product category with the launch of JioBook. Jio intends to duplicate the success of its low-cost JioPhone in India, as shown by the JioBook’s pricing, specifications, and features.

Reliance 4G JioBook Specifications, Features :

Reliance The JioBook is an entry-level, reasonably priced laptop. A new inexpensive laptop called the JioBook is designed with internet platforms and services in mind. In other words, it could be challenging to run locally installed software. The company’s first laptop is the JioBook. An 11.6-inch HD display is available on the NB2112QB model.

The screen features a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels, a 720p resolution even though the display advertises itself as HD. Inside the JioBook are stereo speakers and a 2MP webcam, according to Jio. For wireless connectivity, there is 4G, Wi-Fi 802.11AC, and Bluetooth 5.0. Jio operates its 4G services on bands B3, B5, and B40, supported by the JioBook. The laptop’s battery capacity is 5,000mAh.

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JioBook has a 950Mhz GPU and a 64-bit, 2GHz octa-core processor from Qualcomm. 2GB of RAM is linked to the CPU. The laptop uses passive cooling to regulate its temperature. In other words, there is no cooling fan in the computer. JioBook’s official listing claims that it supports up to 128GB of memory, but it is just the most significant flash memory (MicroSD card) the laptop can accept. The actual internal memory of the JioBook is a pitiful 32GB, stored on eMMC flash memory. The JioOS OS should be loaded from this eMMC memory.

The laptop, dubbed JioBook, is powered by JioOS, an Android-based bespoke operating system that has been “tuned for greater performance” and supports many local languages. The laptop, made in India, costs 15,799 Indian rupees, or $190. With some banking and card partners, discounts of up to $60 are available.

The JioBook has been in development for at least two years, and it also comes pre-loaded with several Jio apps and Microsoft 365 services. The business covertly displayed it during the Indian Mobile Congress trade conference last month.

The features of the JioBook are not as high-end as you could have imagined. It has an 11.6-inch HD screen with a 1366 x 768 screen resolution. It has a 64-bit, 2-GHz octa-core processor from Qualcomm and 2GB of RAM. However, the laptop comes pre-installed with a Jio SIM card, making Jio 4G LTE access available right out of the box.

According to the company’s shop page, the JioBook has up to 128GB of flash storage and has eight-hour battery life.

The laptop is only the most recent venture for Reliance, the Indian giant and parent company of Jio Platforms. Due to the network’s low data and voice rates, the company, run by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, quickly rose to the top service provider in the nation after entering the telecom industry six years ago.

Jio Platforms, which in 2020 received more than $20 billion in capital from more than ten investors, including Meta and Google, also introduced feature phones and smartphones. Last year, the business began selling its JioPhone Next smartphone. Jio Platforms and Google collaborated intensively to create a unique version of the Android operating system for the smartphone.

The JioBook seems to be part of the company’s ambitious goals. Reuters broke the news of the laptop’s impending release earlier this month and reported that Reliance intended to sell “hundreds of thousands” of the devices by March.

New 4G JioBook Price, Availability, And Usability :

Joos, which appears to be a modified derivative of Android OS, powers the JioBook. Jose must have undergone extensive optimization to function on such outdated hardware. The Android 13 Go edition might not work appropriately on such a setup. The built-in 4G connectivity and the software services Jio is anticipated to provide are undoubtedly the JioBook’s most enticing features. JioBook can connect to Jio 4G LTE networks in India because it comes with a 4G SIM card. Multiple Indian languages can be used to run the JioBook, which should increase its local appeal.

The tablet comes pre-installed with several Jio apps and Microsoft 365 services. In other words, this device might function best primarily with internet services. Local app installation could be challenging, if not impossible. Frontline staff, educators, medical professionals, and several other experts who need a portable device that connects to a wireless network anywhere in the nation might benefit from JioBook. The laptop’s price is currently Rs. 15,799 on the JioBook listing on Reliance Digital. It’s unclear how much inventory the website has on hand or how long Jio will keep the offer going.

Reliance 4G JioBook Design :

The most recent laptop from the well-known company Jio is the JiBOOK. It has a modern appearance and significant functions that will simplify your life. The JioBook’s design was revealed in a March leak of the product. In the image, the purported laptop has a traditional design with heavy bezels around the screen. There isn’t a separate number pad on the keyboard. It has a fascinating ancient Windows button. Therefore, we assume it is a prototype photo and that the dead laptop will differ from what we currently see.

Specifications of the Reliance JioBook
The JioBook laptop is anticipated to be powered by a MediaTek MT8788 processor with 2GB RAM, according to Geekbench. Previous reports indicated that the JioBook would ship with a customized version of Android called JioOS, but according to a Geekbench listing, the laptop would ship with Android 11. In the single-core and multi-core tests on Geekbench, the JioBook scored 1,178 and 4,246 points, respectively.

Leaked JioBook specifications mention a Snapdragon 665 SoC, JioOS-branded Android OS, Snapdragon X12 compatibility for 4G LTE, and a 720p HD display. In collaboration with a Chinese third-party developer, Blueback Communication Technology, JioBook would be available in India. The popular OS used on JioPhone, KaiOS, was also a product of Blueback. JioBook might be undergoing an engineering validation test.

Jio Book Model Name Jio Book Model ID (2022)
JioOS Version for Android Color Black Warranty

1366 x 768-pixel screen resolution PROCESSOR

Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 MEMORY Processor Type (RAM)

Memory Slots: Yes, System Memory: 4 GB STORAGE

Communication eMMC 64GB eMMC 5.1

Wireless LAN Bluetooth v4.0 802.11 b/g/n

PORTS/SLOTS : USB Port Yes Mini HDMI Port Yes Headphone Jack Yes Additional Port

Slot for a 4G SIM Card Multimedia

HD Web Cam Audio Solution for Webcams
Speakers Yes

Pointing Instrument Touchpad Keyboard

Indeed, Keyboard

Reliance Jiobook Operation System :


The Jiobook, powered by Jio OS, is set to be launched by the Reliance Technical team. This technology will run on Android, with a few UI tweaks, and will support 4G internet. As viewed by the Jio subscribers, this operating philosophy will be highly suited to Reliance’s corporate structure. In addition, Jio apps are likely to be pre-installed on the laptop, making it much easier and quicker to operate. This operating system will significantly threaten Apple’s and Microsoft’s ios.

Jiobook may grow due to the rise in Android users in India and the desire for high-quality, low-cost things and emerge as a serious rival in the technological globe. Jio Operating System would gain the dominant position by being very inexpensive. It’ll be exciting to observe what Jiobook’s OS has in store for us regarding innovation and ease.

Is Reliance 4G Jiobook Good For Gaming?

Are you in the market for a new laptop? If so, you’ll want to check out the Jiobook laptop. This laptop has high-quality features and characteristics, making it excellent for online buyers. It may be used as a Working Laptop or a Gaming Laptop, making it suitable for folks who need both options. Additionally, the Jiobook laptop is available in a selection of beautiful and unique colors. So, don’t wait any longer – grab your Jiobook laptop immediately!

New 4G Reliance JioBook Price 2022 :

Are you wanting to buy a laptop but don’t know what to look for? Or do you have a specific model in mind but don’t know the cost? In this essay, we will review the numerous aspects of the cost of a jiobook laptop. From material costs, we will cover it all! So if you’re looking to buy your first laptop or want to look for a good deal, this post is for you.

Jiobook is an excellent laptop. It comes with cheap Rs 19500. Jiobook is great for students and budget-conscious folks who want to get the most out of their computers. With a sleek and modern design, Jiobook is excellent for consumers who want a laptop that looks well and operates well. Jiobook comes with all the necessary capabilities and more, so you may enjoy your computing experience without spending a lot of money.

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